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If you’re looking for a professional voiceover artist, then look no further.  At Great British Voices, you’ll find over 300 professional voiceover artists, live announcers, celebrity voiceover artists, kids voices, international voiceover artists, voice actors and more, all ready and able to help you create the best corporate videos, engaging commercials and entertaining events.  Just click the categories below for more info…

Celebrity Voices

A recognisable voice helps to evoke trust with your audience and often, celebrities are the perfect option.  We work with some of the country’s most well-known celebrities, who can provide voice over services for your corporate project, live event or commercial campaign.

Female Voiceover Artists

Our British female voiceover talents have voiced for some of the country’s biggest events including the 2012 London Olympics and the BAFTA’s, and we even have the iconic ‘mind the gap’ voice of the London Underground.

Home Studios

All of our British voiceover artists have their own broadcast quality home studio. By only working with artists who have their own home studio, we ensure that turnaround times are as fast as possible, so you have the material you require to proceed with the rest of your production.

International Voiceover Artists

With our international voiceover artists, you can take your audience anywhere in the world, so (despite our British branding) you no longer have to worry about logistical concerns when searching for that perfect voiceover artist who speaks the language you require.

Child & Teenage Voices

Whether you’re after a young child or teen, we have a variety of British and International child talents available for commercial ads and corporate videos and so much more and as we work only with professional established partners, all of our talents have the correct licensing to work and can offer broadcast-quality recordings.

Male Voiceover Artists

Our British male voiceover talents have voiced for some of the world’s biggest names, including some famous sports brands such as Nike and Addidas and even SKY Sports.

Character Actors

Finding the right voice to play a particular character can be tough, especially since you’ve probably had an idea as to what they should sound like for quite a while now, fortunately at Great British Voices we’re certain we can help you find the perfect voice actor for your project.

'Voice of God' Announcers

A ‘Voice of God’ (VOG) artist is a role in-between host and announcer. It’s their job to part-host perhaps interacting with the audience and helping to ensure the event runs smoothly, but also to make announcements, such as introducing speakers or inviting award winners onto the stage.

Sports Commentators

If you’re after an expert in Sport commentary, or need of a voiceover with a sporty twist for your  brand or event, our Great British Voices are here to assist you.

Medical Voiceover

The increasing focus on mental health awareness, workplace wellness, physical well-being over the last few years has created a significant demand for medical voiceovers.

Explainer and E-Learning

Explainer videos are crucial for succinctly conveying complex information, enhancing audience understanding, and promoting engagement through visual storytelling, so getting the right voice to match your message is crucial…

Radio & TV Broadcasters

TV and radio broadcasters often have extensive experience in delivering information and engaging with audiences through their voices

About Great British Voices

Great British Voices is an affordable, personable voice talent bureau based in the UK, working closely with our clients to make sure they find the right fit for them and their budget.

We handpick all our voiceover artists, ensuring the highest level of professionalism is consistently met on every booking.  So, whatever your brief – whether TV or radio, a web commercial, corporate video, a documentary film or an audiobook – we can help you find and hire the best voiceover artist to help engage audio, represent your brand and deliver your message.

All our British artists own their own broadcast quality studio to record your script, which means they are able to meet the tightest of deadlines, some within 24 hours of receiving the script.  We also have kids’ voices, live ‘Voice of God’ announcers, and some of the move-loved British TV personalities listed on our voices roster too.

Plus, despite our British branding we also have secured many international clients and opened our roster to some of the world’s most accredited foreign-speaking, bilingual voiceover talents, so if you need a professional voiceover or would like a personalised shortlist, get in touch with Alex, our voiceover bookings co-ordinator – she’ll do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Contact us or call +44 1753 439289 to book your perfect voiceover talent today!