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First impressions of Tori are incredibly deceptive, and this is what makes her so unique. Tori is barely 5”2 in height and with a petite, feminine appearance that is mismatched with the most extreme environments in the world.

Tori James, at the age of 25, became the first Welsh woman to climb Mount Everest. The BBC television documentary ‘On Top of the World’ featured her climb to the summit.

She was also a member of the first all-female team to complete the Polar Challenge, a 360-mile race to the Magnetic North Pole. Most recently and against the odds, she was part of the Beeline Britain team who set a record for the longest open sea kayak in UK waters when they became the first to travel in a straight line from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This journey is featured in a multi-award-winning, international recognised documentary called ‘As The Crow Flies’.

More About Tori

Tori has also featured on the BBC’s The One Show and CBBC and recently presented ‘A Big Welsh Adventure’ for ITV. She is a published author with her own book ‘Peak Performance’ and has also written a number of adventure articles for Geographical magazine.

She was awarded a ‘Points of Light’ Award by the Prime Minister in recognition of outstanding volunteering in 2014 and was nominated in the ‘Adventurer ...

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“Exceptional people are a privilege to listen to...@torijtweets is one of the most exceptional I've ever heard. Authenticity & Achievement! “

- Justyn Price via Twitter at the UK Coaching Summit

“Tori speaks of her own courage, joie de vivre, and sheer grit and determination in a way that is inspiring, and utterly compelling to listen to. She presents with a sincerity that can only come from a huge sense of personal achievement, and her passionate delivery taps into something in all of us”

- Laura Greene, Breakthrough Breast Cancer

“Brilliant talk from @torijtweets last night, who says small can't be powerful?! “

- Tweet from member of GB Rowing

“One of the most engaging and inspirational speakers I've ever heard...loved how she was able to adapt the lessons learned from her challenges into the workplace”

- Employee, DVLA