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Steve Scott is a former foreign correspondent for ITN. He currently reports for ITV News and is their sports editor. 

Steve’s began his television career at HTV West in Bristol, as an Industrial correspondent from local radio station GWR where he was a presenter and News Editor, covering business news, sport, lifestyle and current affairs. 

Steve began working for ITN as a regional correspondent for the west of the country. He was later based in Johannesburg as a foreign correspondent for the channel, responsible for covering the whole of the continent.

More About Steve

 During his time in South Africa, he reported on many troubling headlines from Rwanda, Congo (then Zaire) and Zimbabwe.

Other foreign assignments took him to Bosnia during the war and to America where he covered as Washington correspondent on several occasions. 

Steve has reported on some of the most groundbreaking headlines during his career as a news anchor, including the Boxing Day Tsunami and the 7/7 London bombin...

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