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Stephen L.

Stephen was born in London to Yorkshire parents, was brought up in North Wales, educated in Surrey and has lived in South Wales for over 40 years. He worked as an actor for eight years before becoming a voice-over in 1980. He has worked extensively in all fields of voice work for almost 40 years - voicing in excess of 90,000 radio commercials, many hundreds of TV commercials and thousands of narrations for Corporate presentations and training programmes. Stephen is a highly experienced and professional voice, good at taking direction but also fun to work with.

Stephen’s voice trained doctors and nurses across the USA for ten years. He is the voice of a London rock producer in a Seattle museum and the voice of Captain Smith of the Titanic in another in Missouri. He regularly narrates sleep stories for the Calm app and voices Blue Planet and Dr Who promos for BBC America.

He is a skilled script adaptor, having prepared many UK Government White and Green Papers for recording for use by the blind. He has also adapted a presentation for Microsoft for UK usage. Stephen has designed the lip-synch script for over a hundred foreign films and TV episodes.

He is the official biographer of Gareth Hughes, the first Welsh Film Star, for which his research work has been recognised by the British Library and the National Library of Wales. he is also a World War One historian.

More About Stephen L.

Clients:  Stephen voiced the worldwide TV and cinema campaign for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Video Game and has also voiced packages for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

He also voiced the wizard on Lord of The Rings web videos for Lego. At Christmas, Stephen is one of the busiest radio Father Christmases in the UK.

He has provided many voices for animation and p...

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