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Sarah M.

Based in the US, Sarah is an experienced full-time actor and voice-over talent.  In her custom-built isolation booth home studio, she is able to connect with the world and loves to work with different time zones! 

Born and raised in the UK, she has lived in the US for over 20 years. She has also lived as an expat in Singapore for 2 years. Her voice has been heard in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Her strong Film and TV experience and her extensive theatre background means she can maintain characterizations and accents throughout the recording process. Other accents such as Cockney, Liverpudlian and Yorkshire are specialities.  Her voice age ranges from 30 years to senior. She has a broad range of delivery styles including conversational, real to corporate to wacky and creative. Her voice has been described as friendly, informed, warm, engaging, with a dulcet tone.

More About Sarah M.

Clients:  She was the narrator for the 2017 Holiday Special for ADULT SWIM.  She was honoured to voice the “Crimes Against Humanity” documentary that was shown at the Geneva Convention.  Another highlight was the Voice Of God for The NAMM Convention in California where she introduced some of the most iconic musicians on the planet. 

Studio: Sarah uses SOURCE CONNECT (Standard 3....

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