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Sam D.

Sam is a professionally trained actor, having graduated from Arts Educational Schools in 2004. A full-time voice-actor since 2014, Sam is a specialist is in character voicing and long-form narration. He has lent his voice to dozens of audiobooks, animations and video games. Sam also has extensive experience in voicing corporate and e-learning projects.

Sam has a vocal age of 30-40 and speaks naturally with a southern-tinged RP accent.  He is a native of South London so can also speak in his local accent to a native standard. 

Other accents include Upper and middle-class RP variations, South London/Cockney, General American & Tennessee American.  Sam’s straight read style is engaging and warm. He speaks with clarity and intelligence and is at home with any complex and technically demanding material. 

More About Sam D.

Clients: Sam has recorded many audiobooks for Audible and Dreamscape, performs for Eipix video games and stars as the voice of the title character in the multiple award-winning adult cartoon Future Duck.   

Studio:  Sam’s studio features a purpose-built recording booth. Technical equipment includes: Aston Origin or Rode NT1/A microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Pre-amp, 2015 M...

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Sam delivers engaging and dynamic narration and is able to tackle difficult material with integrity and care. We are proud to have Sam on our roster and look forward to every opportunity to work with him.

- Aubree Wisley/Bee Audio