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Robert started his voice-over career in Australia when, as a freelance copywriter for a Brisbane radio station, he was forced to do emergency recordings of his ads and found his range of English accents to be a bit of a novelty.  Ironically, on his return to England in 1997, it was his slight Aussie twang that began bringing in VO jobs and presenting work.

Accents include Australian, West Indian, Indian, American, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Welsh, North and South Irish, Scots, Midlands, Yorkshire, Scouse, Geordie, West Country and most other regions.  He can also voice old, young, posh and cockney. 

As a character actor, he has performed as Prince Charles on Brisbane's prime breakfast show and voiced characters as varied as Richard Burton and Churchill.  Robert is willing to give any character a go and with his talent for different tones and accents, he is sure to impress with whatever voice you require. 

More About Robert

Based in Kent, Robert has spent the past 20 years recording a wide variety of material for many local, London and overseas production companies.  

In 2006, he was hired by one of the U.K's leading producers of material for the visually impaired, as their VO artist.  Their main client (apart from the NHS and other Government Depts.) were Barclays Bank, so on passing the Barclays 'Voice of God' test, he went on to work as a ful...

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