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RJ has been a full-time voice actor since 2016 and has 17 audiobooks to his name published or in production.

His voice is smooth, intelligent sounding, attention-grabbing and persuasive - perfect for that all-important call to action. He naturally has a commanding, persuasive, neutral/RP British sound but a master of accents too, RJ is able to turn on his warm, trustworthy and fashionable Yorkshire tones of his birthplace.

He has a voice age from mid-20s to early 50s.

He's friendly, reliable, professional and always makes sure you're happy with his work.

More About RJ

A wizard with accents, RJ has convincingly narrated whole audiobooks. He's adept with a whole host of global accents like Ghanaian, Afrikaans, French, German, Scottish, Italian and pretty much whatever you throw at him.

Clients:  Nickelodeon, Axis Animation,Sea Life Trust, Falcon Sound Company, Silverton Audio, Cavalier Books, Spiteful Puppet, Shoreline of Infinity, Dashing Onions, Surprizee, The Publisher, LLC, A...

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I can’t thank RJ enough for the time, effort, and professionalism he delivered while working on my project. The voiceover work he provided was superb, and he was fantastic all the way. If I had an issue with how something sounded (which was VERY rare), he fixed it immediately. The series is expected to range anywhere from three to nine separate novels, and I intend to have RJ there every step of the way, giving a voice to the world I’ve created.

- Riley Tune, author – Warper series

RJ has provided voiceover content for our eLearning software for the last year. His professionalism, attention-to-detail and friendly approach – along with the undoubted quality of his work – mean we have found working with RJ a real pleasure.


I recently put RJ forward for the voice-over for a Nickelodeon sponsorship campaign and they used his voice. I know that he can do other accents and voices with gravitas but what the client wanted was an upbeat friendly voice with a home-spun Yorkshire twang – and he delivered.

- David Chaudoir, Director