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Oliver began his voice over career  working as a producer for a local radio station back in 2005.  Having a friend that he worked with on a daily basis that was very successful with voice over work, Oliver took an interest in in voice-over and decided he wanted to have a go at reading some voice over scripts himself.  After a couple of months he was offered a regular advert sponsorship spot on his local station. 

Since then, Oliver has also worked closely with voice over artists in his production role.  By listening to and editing voice over artists every day, he was able to draw upon the voice overs experience, by listening to how they delivered their reads. 

So far in his voice over career, Oliver has worked with many clients across the world, on TV and Radio commercials, to corporate videos, e-learning and on-hold.  Oliver has a great ear for voice overs, production and music and truly believes that this has helped get him where he is today in his voice over career.

More About Oliver

Clients:  Wi-Manx, Scope, Toshiba, Aldi, FlyBe, BBC Radio 5, Nutri Ninja, Loose Women (ITV), KIA,  Total Jobs, Toyota, Logoland, Gillette, Lexus, BMW, AUDI, London Marathon, MINI VO5, Gordons Gin, IMAX Superdrug, HTC, iStore, Visa, Nescafe,  Matalan, Snickers, M&S, JML

Studio:  Neumann TLM 67, Audition CS6, Professionally Sound Treated Vocal Booth