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London born, Nadine is a trained actress. Her musical talents took her to the West End. For eight years she appeared and performed in a number of critically acclaimed musicals; Barnum, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Charlie Girl and with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Today, 25 years later, she can be heard globally on a variety of media platforms ranging from radio and TV to aeroplane safety and SatNav announcements.

Nadine’s voice is current, natural, sexy, husky, chocolate, informative and warm. Characters include kids, witches, grannies, a mushroom or even a snake! Her accents diverse from mid-Atlantic to the fast speaking lass from Liverpool, Cockney, French, Italian, Dorset, Australian, southern Texan to the tight upper lipped New Yorker.

ITV Creative Director Chas Lister described Nadine as;

"if Angels have voices, then they will sound like Nadine."

More About Nadine

She recently gave a TedTalk on 'The Workings of a Voiceover' in front of an audience of 3000 and also won an award for ‘Best Visual Advertising Campaign’ at the Vox Awards for her BMW commercial.

Clients: Advertising Campaign for BMW. She is the voice of Garmin – the satellite navigation system.  Other clients inclu...

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