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Margaret's voice has been described as warm, friendly, animated, articulate, authoritative, characterful, confident, bright, enthusiastic, believable, natural and versatile.

With a background in phonetics, she can attempt most accents, especially Yorkshire, Scouse, Mancunian and Welsh.  Voice playing age is wide and varied, generally 40-60's but in character can go older and younger. She has natural RP accent, however as a native Geordie she can also perform a Newcastle accent well. 

More About Margaret

A classically trained actress and Voiceover artist for over thirty years, Margaret has worked in television including Coronation Street, The Bill, London's Burning,  film, theatre, radio, commercials, corporate video and much more. Currently, Margaret is narrating Audiobooks for Audible, voicing corporate videos, games, e-learning, commercials and IVR material.

Clients: Commercials include: Shell, Smooth Radi...

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