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Lynne is an incredibly passionate Interior Designer who specialises in sustainability through upcycling and using recycled materials. Since Appearing on BBC2s 'Great Interior design Challenge,' her creativity has never stopped.Lynne's work has appeared in several magazines, newspapers and TV shows including George Clarkes Amazing Floating Homes, Gok Wan's Fill your house for free and her home is regularly featured on film adn Tv projects thanks to her keen eye for styling.

More About Lynne

She's never happier than in her workshop upcycling with a paintbrush in her hand.

Lynne won Grand Designs Interior Designer of the Year 2017 for her room set based on her passion for sustainable design.

Lynne also runs a movement called ‘Warriors on Waste’ where she campaigns against the use of Single Use Plastic, and promotes the use of products made from recycled plastics and ocean waste in her designs.

Lynne rece...

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