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Liz McKeon is the Beauty Business Expert. Empowering women in business, many of her clients are small to medium enterprises and as a business turnaround expert, she often helps to double the turnover and exceed targets.

She also works with large chains and the CEO’s of international distributors, mentoring and supporting women to excel in business.

Internationally renowned, she is a successful author, business coach, speaker, mentor, and trainer. Liz’s approach is both engaging and fun, with a keen eye on the bottom line.

She is also a fully qualified expert witness and regularly attends legal cases, offering her expert insight into the cosmetics and beauty industry in a legal capacity.

More About Liz

From tiny salon owners, through to large chains, and huge multinationals, she excels in growing business, streamlining them for fast profitability. Liz has worked with large multi-national skincare houses, pharmacy, and franchise companies and worked at every level of the beauty business from retail sales through to management.A business owner and salon operator, Liz consolidating her knowledge, in 2007 she launched Beauty Business Expert, off...

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"I would highly recommend Liz McKeon as a speaker for any business conference. She is a very knowledgeable business expert, especially on beauty orientated business. We have had Liz speak at our shows and conferences a number of times in the past.

At Professional Beauty London, 2017 Liz hosted the most highly attended seminar at a show attended by over 34,000 trade professionals. We subsequently invited Liz to speak at both our other UK shows this year.

Liz would be a fantastic addition to any business conference: she is an engaging speaker and is always well received with audiences. I would highly recommend"

- Harry Leyburn - Professional Beauty

“Thanks Liz, plenty to think about and to do a plan of action. Can’t wait to get started”

- Alison Pauls

“Great seminar, loads of great tips and advice”

- Emma Hanrahan