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Nearly a decade in the business, Kieran has voiced thousands of projects engaging with millions of viewers. He is an artist with great energy and a smile!

Kieran provides a very wide range of vocal abilities, including many accents, vocal tones and styles for website explainer videos, whiteboard animations, corporate videos, IVR Recordings, Commercials, Character voices, voices for games and apps plus many more.

Keiran has a natural UK London/RP accent. He can voice Scottish, Irish, American, Australian, UK Northern (Yorkshire) African, South African, Jamaican, Turkish, French, Italian, Cockney plus many more with authenticity.

More About Kieran

Clients: Disney, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, Spotify, Odeon, KPMG, Vodafone, Amazon, Barclay, Nike, Tesco, NHS, Apple, Microsoft, Sonos, Converse plus many more.

Studio: Apogee MiC, Pro Tools 10, Sound Proof and treated Studio for live sessions and self-direction sessions.