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With over 16 years of voiceover experience, Kerry has voiced corporates, e-learners, promos, B2B, B2C and documentaries for a broad range of UK and international clients, including NATO, the European Commission, and UK and German private sectors.  Kerry is currently narrating a thriller trilogy on ISIS in the UK, MI5 and MI6.

With a vocal range of 30s-50s, clients describe Kerry’s voice as ‘engaging, distinctive, versatile, charismatic and rich’.

More About Kerry

Born in Germany, Kerry has lived and worked in South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Before becoming a full-time voice, Kerry worked for the UK Government and in the Armed Forces. All of these life and work experiences help Kerry add gravitas, empathy andcredibility to the to his vocal range, helped by a deep understanding of a character or voice context and motives, aided by his previous acting training.

Kerry’s mother ton...

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