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(DJ Spoony) Joseph

From underground dance DJ to one of the UK’s favourite broadcasters. On Radio 1 Johnathan Joseph revitalised their weekend breakfast show with listener figures that Radio 1 have yet to match. After music, sports is Johnathan’s, great love. He was the host of 606 on 5 Live debating football’s hottest topics.

Johnathan’s professional career started in 1997 DJ-ing for London Underground ( a leading pirate radio station in the mid-nineties ). Alongside Timmi Magic and Mikee B, they became The Dreem Teem.  Their individual DJ prowess and collective aura were very evident on air and this led to them being signed up to London’s Kiss FM. 

More About Johnathan

Johnathan loved the radio and took the lead presenting as the show was syndicated across the Galaxy Radio network. It was inevitable that national radio would take notice, so it wasn’t a surprise when they got the call to join Radio 1.

The Dreem Teem were regular DJ's on Radio 1's every Sunday between 10am-1pm for three very successful years, interviewing stars such as David and Victoria Beckham, The England World Cup Squad and Will ...

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