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Once ranked one of the top Latin American dancers in the world, James Jordan is one of the UK’s best-loved dance champions but is now fast becoming better known as an outspoken TV personality in his own right.

Following 8 years as one of the lead professionals on flagship show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, James has gone on to become a TV personality in his own right.  James was Head Judge and Presenter on a groundbreaking show, Dancing on Wheels, which was produced by Fever Media.

More About James

From the tender age of 10 when he started dancing, it soon became clear that James had a gift and he went on to compete professionally and win endless awards and championships throughout his illustrious dance career.

His incredible talent was heightened when he was partnered with his now wife Ola, whom he met professionally when she was just 15.  They were perfect together and within three weeks Ola had moved to the UK and they be...

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