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Italian Male VO1

Francesco is an acknowledged Italian voiceover artist with more than a decade of experience in the voiceover business. He has a crisp and neutral articulation that perfectly suits long form narration (e.g. corporate videos, documentaries, medical narrations). With his young voices (20-40) he complies with the client needs by leveraging over his versatile timbre, ranging from a smooth to hard-hitting delivery: a smooth tone to caress upmarket products; a “harsh” one to lay emphasis on roaring commercials in an excited mood.  Thanks to private coaching from a native speaker, he can fluently read English scripts, also capitalizing on his 8+ years of study in the junior and secondary school he attended since he was 11.

More About Italian Male VO1

He can also mimic the most notorious regional Italian accents (Siciliano, Napoletano, Romanesco, Pugliese, Toscano and so on) and can perform funny characters - varying from edgy to hoarse tones - for comedic multimedia productions