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Italian Female VO

British-Italian Lara has been one of the best-known voices on Italian TV for the last 20 years, and more recently on British and American TV.  She's voiced worldwide campaigns in English with "European", British and Italian accent as well as countless campaigns for the Italian market.

Lara speaks standard Italian with no regional accents and European English.  Her unique versatility reflects in her extended range, and ability to change the style, pace, accent, and mood according to the client's requests - whether is corporate narrations, sensual upmarket adverts or young and hip promos.

Lara's talent for characterizations (she's dubbed hundreds of Japanese Anime) makes her also ideal for video games, audiobooks, and cartoons.

She's the voice of audioguides for museums such as the National Gallery, the Van Gogh Museum, The British Museum, Tate Gallery, Statue of Liberty and Louvre.