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Helen Q.

Smooth, intelligent and sophisticated with a cheeky twist.

Helen's grew up in Hartlepool/Teesside so her voice has a slight Northern edge, however, having lived in London for over 20 years her Northern accent has softened. She can perform in both a neutral London RP or with Northern tones if preferred.

Helen's smooth and contemporary voice is perfect for everything, from corporate narration to commercials or on-hold messages.  So, if there’s an unexpected item in your bagging area or maybe your starship’s warp core is about to explode, Helen’s cool delivery is what you’re looking for!

She is currently the English voice for all the pay-at-pump petrol stations in Spain.

More About Helen Q.

Clients: Orange, Renault, Natura, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Helen Doron Educational Group, 20th Century Fox, Volvo, UNICEF, BBC, Engender Health, Kraft Foods, AEG Australia, Thomson Reuters, MBNA, BP, Nissan Europe, Thales Group, Schneider Electric.

She has also done training for Google, Astra Zeneca and Tetra Pak and radio commercials for Capital FM. She is also the on-hold voice for Weyland Industries, part of the ...

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