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Gwen has a confident, warm and engaging natural voice.

Born in South East England, Gwen was brought up in Wales, and went on to become an Australian citizen, and has a range of accents to match.

Gwen has been described as having a friendly, warm and engaging natural voice, and as sounding in her 20s and 30s, though also sits comfortably in her own age bracket of 40s.

She can switch between a range of accents and characters, while her particular strengths lie in her native Estuary English, plus RP, Welsh and Australian. She is also bilingual, speaking fluent Welsh and can speak conversational French. 

More About Gwen

Gwen’s voice career includes work an actor, radio presenter, as well as corporate, commercial, audiobooks & animation voiceover.

Clients:  Nation Broadcasting Ltd, Herald Radio, Packt Publishing, Mill Arts Centre, Chestnut Tree Tales, Tel.Cymru

Studio: Skype. Rode NT1-A-mic. Audacity editing software.


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She’s not just a voice, she’s a storyteller, a passionate, imaginative and inspirational one.

- Lee Markham, Chestnut Tree Tales

Gwen is always a pleasure to work with, she has a fantastic voice with a compassionate delivery. Work is always returned quickly and my clients love the natural tones, the emphasis and warmth in her voice. She’s one of my go-to voice actors.

- Simeon Lloyd - Director, Simeon Lloyd Studios

Whatever your voiceover requirement, you can rest assured that it'll sound great, and getting the end result is also stress free as Gwen is a breeze to work with, very friendly, but most of all professional.

- Toby Ellis, Director, Pure West Radio