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Greg M.

Greg is a professional, versatile voice-over artist with over 25 years experience in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and the UAE.

Greg's voice ranges from rich, smooth, powerful, edgy, sardonic, deep, hard-sell, shouty, movie-trailer and quite chocolate-like - all the way through to light, fluffy-bunny, quirky, cynical, sarcastic, emotive, monotone, 50’s “Pathe News”, empathetic, Monty Python and Micky Mouse - he can also “do” Australian and some American accents as well as “cartoon-like” voices if required.

More About Greg M.

Clients:  BBC Radio 4 UK - GWR Group UK - Classic FM UK - LBC 97.3FM London - NTV Television Network Africa - Virgin Radio Australasia - Emirates - Sony - Samsung - Coca-Cola - MacDonald’s - IBM - Microsoft - Bentley - Jaguar - Landrover - BMW - Mercedes - Audi - Volkswagen - Porsche - Ford - Vauxhall - Toyota - Singapore TV - BHP Billiton - Rio Tinto - RAC - BT - Telstra - Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, Radisso...

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