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Grace Victory is an award-winning blogger and Youtuber with over 21 million total views to date. 

She is one of the UK's forerunning and most successful Internet sensations and over the last 4 years has built a global audience with her unique flare and girl power attitude. She was voted best Youtuber for Cosmopolitan Magazine and was awarded Most Inspiring Role Model for InStyle Magazine’s Project 13.

In January 2014 Grace officially launched covering beauty, fashion and mental health issues and, since its launch, has already had a staggering 2,000,000 views.

More About Grace

Grace is an inspiration to thousands of young people around the world and hailed as the “most inspiring person on the net” and the “Internet's Big Sister”, is one of the only mainstream fashion and beauty bloggers to cover mental health issues.

Summer 2016 saw Grace debut her hit documentary Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets. Challenging the claims many health gurus swear by, the documentary was one of the most watched shows on BB...

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