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Glen T.

Glen is an accomplished voice-over artist and has a strong, powerful delivery, ideal for getting an important message across. Voice over work includes commercial ads, TV promos, presentations, infomercials, narration, corporate productions and multimedia productions.

Having worked as a professional broadcaster in radio, television and in the corporate sector for many years, he has worked across a variety of platforms, from news to shopping and travel television.

More About Glen T.

Glen started his broadcasting career in local radio and his journalistic background at Sky News and Meridian ITV puts him in a strong position where ‘authority’ and ‘gravitas’ is required.  He prides himself on ‘a job well done’ and is friendly and easy to work with.

Clients:  BMW, London Weekend Television, Sky News, GMTV, TV Travel Shop, QVC, Meridian ITV, History Channel, National Geographic Ch...

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