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The Eagle

Eddie The Eagle Edwards.

What can you say about this living legend?

A regular guy who is proof you can make your mark in the world with true grit and determination.

He's instantly recognisable worldwide through his exploits at a ski jumper in the Calgary Olympics, resulting in him being a much in demand motivational speaker for numerous events.

Even nearly 30 years after his Olympic appearances he is still in the public eye with films books and media appearances inspiring generations who are too young to remember his dogged determination to succeed.

More About Eddie

In spite of all this is and always has been a 'regular guy' even still holding down his original job as a plasterer in the West Country, and it's a characteristic that gives him a huge connection with any audience.

What Eddie did at the 1998 Calgary Winter Olympics remains breathtaking in its sheer audacity.

With a complete lack of experience, things did not run smoothly. With virtually no financial backing and no ski jump faci...

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