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Dr. Emily


Internationally acclaimed science writer, public speaker and TV personality, Dr Emily Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens' College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research. Emily also trained actress and now combines her skills as a science broadcaster, educator and writer.

Emily is no stranger to public speaking and held talks at The Hay Festival, The Science Museum, Cheltenham Science Festival, The Royal Society, The British Science Festival, The Emirates Festival of Literature and The Women of the World Festival.

She has also made a number of appearances on TV and radio, most predominantly as the resident science expert on ITV’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Her other credits include, Discovery Channel’s How Do They Do It? Sky One’s Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, BBC2’s Second Opinion and her own science-based YouTube videos in association with BBC Britlab and The Royal Institution.

More About Dr. Emily

She has also held talks with a number of schools and produced her first fun science textbook for DKfindout.

Emily is also an advocate for gender equality and came under scrutiny on social media for her views on sexism and diversity in science.

As a response, Emily held a TEDx talk at UCL, Why Science Needs People Who Cry. The talk contemplated the value of emotions in science. She also spoke about her own experiences in a Story...

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