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Darren M.

Darren is a dynamic and versatile voiceover artist, from London, with a naturally bright and charismatic vocal delivery, able to cover Cockney, Essex and more modern urban London sounds.  He is well practised and able to manipulate his voice into all sorts of convincing guises and boasts a wide range of accents to which he is an adept speaker.  These are currently RP, Glaswegian, Liverpool, Dublin, Ireland general, West Country English, German, American east coast, American west coast and American southern states. 

He can also speak basic Finnish.

Darren is able to manipulate his voice age range to sound anywhere from 18 to 80 but it sits most naturally in the 25 to 50 age group.

More About Darren M.

Darren constantly keeps up with what's trending in commercials and TV voiceovers alike, so he understands what's needed to adapt his craft, keep up to date and stay ahead of the rest.  Having trained In Radio at East 15 Acting school, Darren has since recorded hundreds of voice reels for other actors, refining his technical recording and production skills as well as mastering the use of his own voice.  A key skill Darren has is the a...

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