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Standing at just 5'2", Danni Brooke is not only a petite beauty but also a commended Police Officer.  This fierce and courageous ex-copper prides herself on being one of the most experienced female undercover investigators in the UK.

Joining the force at the young age of 18 years old, her natural aptitude quickly shone through and she was recruited to work in the notoriously demanding Undercover Officer Unit at New Scotland Yard.

More About Danni

Over the next decade, Danni was involved in some of the most high-risk undercover operations across the United Kingdom, working against drug gangs, prostitution, firearms and paedophiles, and leading to countless convictions.  Never turning down any undercover deployment, Danni thrives on this adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle, often pushing herself to physical and mental extremes.

Danni has been asked to teach on undercover and police...

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