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Ben W.

Ben is a versatile and talented British voiceover artist with a great vocal range and a happy client list!

He can deliver strong, authoritative voiceovers as a middle-aged or even more mature male, whilst also being able to inject his voice with the energy of youth for fresh voiceover projects.

Whatever the style, Bens voice always gains the confidence of his audience because it's a voice you can trust. It's sincere, authentic and believable.

He brings these qualities and more to a whole range of voiceover work from serious narrations to TV and radio commercials and infomercials. Bens voice is particularly well suited to professional corporate presentations, e-learning, educational and training applications, museum audio guides and web tutorials and promotions.

Ben is also great at doing character voiceovers ranging from crazy, whacky, humorous characters to some serious villains. This makes him the perfect voiceover for audiobooks for both adults and children, as well as videogames, cartoons and animations, tv, radio and movie work.

So, if you want a voice that's believable, that you know you can trust, maybe with a classy British touch, book Ben!

More About Ben W.

Clients: Sky, Mastercard, Vodafone, HMRC, Clarins, Goodyear, Toshiba, The Professional Footballers Association, The FA, eToro, Lipton, Cannon 

Studio: Custom built sound booth, Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser MK4, Audient ID14, Custom built PC, Full Adobe Suite, Izotope RX7, 

Working from his professional home studio Ben is happy to connect before the project to get all the details to make your copy shine, also if you want...

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"Always fast and spot-on for what I needed 5* Every time"

- Martin Moyland, - Mastercard,