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Angela is a Scottish voice actor. She has a gentle accent with a touch of her native Highlands. She also performs in RP.

Angela is a trained and versatile voice actor and actor and has performed in many plays, advertising campaigns, corporate and e-learning projects. She has an excellent ear for accents. She is a highly skilled audiobook narrator and has several titles under her belt.

Angela’s voice is regularly heard on TV and radio commercials. Her trustworthy tones, gently persuasive and empathetic voice, with a smile when required, has made her the choice of many advertising campaigns.

Other accents voiced authentically are Southern Irish, Manchester, Liverpool, Standard America, Australian.

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More About Angela

Clients: BBC, ITV, STV, Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh University Prudential, Scottish Enterprise, Scottish Government, Global, Bauer, NHS, Horror Channel, Channel 4.

Studio:  Studio in a separate, purpose-built building with an insulated roof. Walls: 2 layers of Noisestop professional studio boards and underlay, raised floor and dropped ceiling. Professional bass traps, layer of acoustic foam tiles, triple-glazed glass....

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