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American Male VO6

Steven has the quintessential Mid-Atlantic voice, having spent part of his life in London, England and the other in North America.

He has the versatility and range to capture European, as well as the more robust American accents.  Steven is adept at straight reads, humorous and dramatic narration, as well as a range of character voice deliveries.

More About American Male VO6

Steven began his career as an on-air host for the Life Channel Satellite Network.  He then went on to specialize in voice work for several television stations and production houses and his voiceover experience has ranged from documentary, video gaming, corporate, commercial and public service announcements.



Working with Steven is always a pleasure. He is swift to execute, and always aims high in his standards, allowing us to produce the very best possible TV and radio commercials.

- -Nicole Risse, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

I have known and worked with Steven for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen him exercise his range of vocal techniques, be it for straight reads or character-based projects. He is an astute actor, who approaches his craft with the utmost dedication.

- -Jim Davidson, Owner, Clare Burt Recording Ltd.