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Amar Latif is a blind traveller, businessman and TV personality with an astonishing track record of facing up to major challenges.

Due to an incurable eye condition, Amar lost 95% of his sight by the age of 19.  Through sheer determination, he has managed to turn an unpromising tale of loss, into one of truly inspirational achievement. 

More About Amar

In addition to his wealth of experience as a BBC and Channel 4 presenter, Amar is an award-winning entrepreneur. In 2004, Amar founded Traveleyes, the world’s first commercial tour operator to specialise in holidays for the blind as well as sighted travellers.  

Amar is very rarely in one place for long, but when he isn’t travelling, he is often giving his time to charity.  Amar is on the board of trustees for the UK char...

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