Wednesday, 10 January 2018 12:29


Elloise is a professional actress with classical training, who has worked in theatre, film, TV and radio.  Elloise has a good ear for accents, genre and tone.  She has voiced a variety of projects such as corporate voice-overs, e-learning programs, video games, commercials, radio drama’s and audiobooks.

Voice & Accent: Elloise has a light chatty girl-next-door sound with a twinkly and warm quality.  Elloise has a standard British accent and her voice ranges from early teen/pre-teen to 25 years old.  Accents include American-Southern States, American-Standard, Australian, Cockney, English-Standard, Essex, Irish-Southern, London, Northern, RP, Somerset and West Country.

Commercial Demo
Audiobook Demo
Documentary Demo


Clients: Audible, Pinewood group, Bank of England, Eton Colleg/EtonX, SAIA, Silverline, Havant Car Company.

Studio: Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface 2i2, HP60 MkII Studio headphones, CM25 MkII Condenser Mic, Protools, Audacity, MP3 or WAV files available via email or WeTransfer


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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 11:18


Lara is a classically trained actress who has worked extensively in film, T.V. and theatre and is a singer-songwriter who can create and produce jingles and songs to order.  She has narrated many audiobooks and commercials and played Edna Harris on Radio 4’s long-running series Home Front.

Voice & Accent:  She is very comfortable delivering multiple character voices; warm and intelligent; mischievous and fun; zany and characterful.  Her strengths include good intonation, phrasing and connection with the text; excellent storytelling and dramatic characterisation.

Commercial Demo
Historical Fiction Demo
Kids Audiobook Demo
Narration Demo


Clients:  BBC Radio 4, W.F. Howes, Whole Story Audiobooks, Spoken World Audio, Quick Quid, Whitehouse Sound, Harper Collins Publishers, Audible Studios, Universal Distribution, Lamplight Audio 

Studio:  Lara works from her own home studio, with a purpose-built acoustic foam vocal space, based in an attic conversion, overlooking a quiet, private garden and fields. Technical specs. include: Cubase Pro 8.5 Advanced Music Production Software; Rode NT1 A Studio Mic (with Shock Mount and Pop Shield); SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter; Steinberg UR-22 USB Audio Interface; Yamaha HS7 Powered Speakers and Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones


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Saturday, 25 November 2017 11:44

Russian Female VO

Natasha is an experienced voice over based in London, she is a professional actress with a degree in linguistics, unusual yet the most useful combination for a voice-over artist, she works in native Russian and fluent English, she is also happy doing voice directing and cultural expertise advice.  Natasha's recent TV roles include Mrs. Kominski in BBC comedy "Citizen Khan" and Daga in new "Damned" series on Channel 4.  Natasha voiced BAFTA winning computer game "Half-Life 2" Russian version, which has an extreme popularity in Russia.

Voice & Accent:  Clear and warm voice, captivating and sensory evoking or precise and dry if required, covering wide range including character voices and kids' voices.


Russian Demo 1 
Russian Demo 2
English Drama Demo
English Compilation Demo

Clients:  Google, Microsoft, United Nations, ITV, BBC1, BBC4, Discovery Channel, Sky, EBRD, Amway, Abbott, Philips, Vidal Sassoon, DHL, CSP, Timotei, Interoute, ISF, PokerStars, Vicks, Absolute Vodka, Stolichnaya Vodka, EBRD, Amway, Microsoft, Sony, Clarks, Diesel, Abbott, O2, PokerStrars, Arla Apetina, Pampers, Pantene, Vagisil,  Activa Candy, Nivea, Braun, Clarks. Always, Dove, Huggies, GE Fabbri, Twinings, Sheba, Zewa, Jacobs Coffee. Hotmail, Miramax, MGM, MTV, Paramount, Oxford University Press, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cambridge University Press, Chambers Harrap Publishers, John Green TEFL, Pearson Education, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Alpine, TSM, Lebara, Ergoline, Emirates Airlines,  Mazda, Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, BMI, Sky Europe, Cimber Air, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Disney Channel.

Studio:  Natasha works from her professional broadcast quality home-studio in London. She has a Scarlette2i2 interface and an X1 microphone.  Natasha is happy to travel to any studio of Client's choice or to Skype Clients for further direction during voiceover if requested. 


I have used Natasha Radski on several IVR/Voicemail as well as On Hold projects and would highly recommend her. Excellent customer service and fast turnaround. Communication with Natasha is excellent too”.  Gary F. Neill, President, On Hold Marketing Services Inc. 

Natasha recorded a script for an Autodesk internal training session. Files were received within the deadline in the correct format. Pronunciation of technical terms that remained in English was perfect. Client picked Natasha’s voice from a lineup of 4 potential voice talents - Juliet Boggio, Global Edge Solutions

Thanks very much for your work the other day with our story of the guy in the Ukraine who wants to make his children superhumanly strong! I guess you must have had tougher jobs in your career - but I was listening over to the piece in the sound dub - and the bits you did, you got just right - David Donnelly, Producer, ITV, London, UK.

Monday, 18 September 2017 15:02

Darren R

Darren has been in radio and voice-over professional for over 17 years.  He produced many national radio shows as well as voiced ads, jingles and animations.  Darren's versatility makes him a valuable voice-over artist.  He can accurately impersonate a variety of characters and accents which is perfect for any narration. 

Voice & Accent: Darren has a rich, warm, friendly and welcoming natural voice although can imitate accents and ages very well. He can voice anything from Scottish, Brummy, Geordie, Welsh, West Country, East Anglia, (Norfolk), London accents.  His natural accent is a southern, (soft Kentish), but well-spoken accent.

Commercial Demo
Character Demo

Clients: Nottingham Children's Hospital, Hill Langdell Ltd., Rhythm Factory Creative, PurpleLine, Snapfulfil, Personalised Retail Gifts, BoxClever, RWMC Installations

Studio: Behringer microphones, D&R Airmate, Mic compressor/limiter, latest Adobe Audition and Apple Mac's for recording.

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Friday, 15 September 2017 10:54

German Female VO4

Sophie is a very passionate actor, voice actor and screenwriter based in Germany. 

Sophie's voice can be very flexible and vary from natural, sexy, soft, engaging, clear, funny, freaky towards comic characters or children. Her natural vocal range is comfortably between 20 to 35.  She has voiced the role of 'Carol' in the German version of the audio drama 'The Walking Dead.'  She can perform with either more of a German or English accent and speaks fluently in both languages. 

Sophie has voiced many corporate films,  Spotify Spots and commercials for clients such as NIKE, Google and UPS. She has also had ADR roles for the series, 'When Calls The Heart‘.  She works from her home studio in Germany which includes, Neumann T103, RME Babyface Interface, portable recording booth, Source Connect and Skype. 

Commercial Demo (English)
Commercial Demo (German)
Audiobook Demo (English)
Audio Drama Demo (German)
Character Demo (English)



Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:49

American Female VO4

Stefania is a professional American voice actor based in the UK. She is an experienced VO who has voiced work for a wide variety of industries - from professional corporate voiceovers to more zany character voices (as well as everything in between!) This means that Stefania's voice is a versatile tool for any project. 

Her natural voice style is a friendly, clear, youthful, bright, fresh, energetic, assured, conversational, caring, professional and soothing voice with a Mid-Atlantic/Transatlantic (midway between American and British) American dialect.  If you need a friendly, but professional sound for your e-learning project or explainer video, Stefania’s your voice.  If you need a bit of a character for your animation, video game project or mobile app, call upon her. A smooth but clear, telephony/IVR voice is Stefania’s trademark.

Stefania has a professional home studio with a Rode NT-1 microphone, Focusrite Scarlett interface and Source Connect Now. She is also at ease with a self-directed recording of scripts.

How can Stefania help you?  What's the message that you want your clients or audience to hear?  She’s willing and ready to work together with you to make it happen!

Corporate/Explainer/E-learning Compilation Demo
Mobile App Character Demo
Animated Character Demo
Videogame Character Demo
Audio Drama Demo

Thursday, 31 August 2017 10:33


Born in Yorkshire and raised in Newcastle, Dan has a natural northern tone to his voice which sounds friendly and conversational.

He has a large vocal range, which is warm, genuine and engaging, great for both corporate and commercial voice-overs.  He has the ability to sound authoritative for hard sales or educational material, has acted as a ‘Voice of God’ announcer on occasion and voiced for children’s productions.  

Dan can perform a huge range of characters, with various emotive dynamics and styles, from villain to old man to classically British. He can also voice Scottish, Southern, RP, General American and Russian.  Dan is also brilliant at world accented caricatures and animation voices.  He has a natural voice age of 20 to 30 years but is always up for the challenge to bring any character to life.

Dan was educated in Stage Theatre, Media and Arts at Newcastle College and University and has trained with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards within their professional voice over training program “Gravy for the Brain.”

Dan currently works from his professional home studio including, IPDTL, ISDN over ipDTL TEL, Skype and MP3/WAV Delivery and all his work is available for quick turnaround.

 Commercial Demo
Character Demo


Dan’s emotional connection to the script really brought my character to life. I’ve always loved the Geordie accent and he nailed the emotion perfectly.
Presentation, and connection with the audience on a natural authentic level, Dan can work the mic like a dream!
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Friday, 18 August 2017 07:12


Verity is an English Voiceover Professional based in London.

She has been voice trained by RADA coach and director Gary Lagden who continues to be her voice guru and mentor Verity, helping her to keep her voice in top form.  She has also collaborated with Gareth Moulton from the Cutting Crew. 

Voice & Accent:  With a vocal age of 25-35 years old Verity has a melodic, warm voice, which is clear, engaging and friendly.  She is a team player who can take direction well and adapt under pressure.  She is fun but professional to work with and gives every job her full attention to deliver confident and polished performances to every client she works with.


Commercial Demo
Audiobook Demo
IVR Demo



Clients:  Mercedes, HSBC, NHS, Tieto, Radio Stitch, just to name a few.

Studio:  Verity has her own home studio with Sennheiser MK4 mic and Pro Tools for editing. 


Thanks for the great work Verity; you took direction well and managed to maintain a tone once it was agreed... which is the hard part. I'd be happy to put you forward for other stuff purely on your performance, so well done and onwards!

- Doug, Adjust Your Set ™


Thank you very much for the great work on our new telephone system. It was great to work with such fun and professional individual. The improvement having had you come in and use your expertise to edit the script and then deliver has been immeasurable. You are right on pitch and represent what our brand stands for. I would recommend anyone to use Verity Panter for their Voiceover requirements.

-Holly, LA security


Your tone is beautiful and your voice is amazing, nicely done Verity!

- Timothee, Freelance documentary maker


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Wednesday, 29 March 2017 16:01

Paul R

Paul enjoys creating new characters, as well as impersonating well-known voices, primarily from the world of cartoons, TV and cinema.

Clients have often commented on his range - pacey, contemporary, friendly young and intelligent.  Scripts delivered with bags of energy.

He has always completed projects on time and on the budget, usually finishing quicker than expected to allow his clients time for Paul to vocalise any new ideas that they may have had whilst in the recording session.  He is also an accomplished Voice of God announcer. 

Voice & Accent:  Paul's voice age is 25-45 with a natural accent (RP/English) but Paul is able to do LOTS of other accents too.  

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Explainer Demo
Promo Demo
Animation Demo
Voice of God Demo

Studio:  Pro Tools, Sontronics Aria mic or a Rode NT1000 for much longer form narration.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 18:46

Jay S

An intelligent warmth and soft English vocal style, Jay arrests your ears with his vocal charisma and educated credibility.  You can tell he loves his work which makes him a pleasure to work alongside.  His strengths lie in accents, characters, cartoon, commercial corporate, narration, documentary & e-Learning narration.

Voice & Accents: An accomplished voice actor and actor with a versatile range of tone in his own native english accent(s) also expressed in other accents and characters with ease.  A chameleon of voices. Appearing in many UK and US commercials, channel promos, programmes, documentaries and games, he has amassed a library of experience.  He has a voice-age of 35-45.  

Corporate Demo
Complilation Demo


Clients - TCM Movies, Sky TV and Movies, Samsung, CNN, BBC World service, BBC Promos, Comedy Central, E Channel, Channel 4 UK, Mazda, Brittania, Ford, L'Oreal


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