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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

Canadian Male VO

Being a professional Voice Over since 1997, Stews voice ranges from warm, inviting and natural, to a serious, confident sound.  He can be a regular guy next door with comic timing, or a movie trailer type.

With over 20 years in Advertising in Toronto, Stew knows your expectations are high and he’ll happily meet or exceed them.  His Pro-Tools based home studio gives you a broadcast quality read, possible 4-hr turnaround with available phone patch or Skype-in, and his professional manner will put you and your client at ease, knowing they have a “quality-guaranteed” voice track they can rely on every time.

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Warner Brothers Canada, Kia, Cineplex Canada, Nissan Canada, McDonalds, Johnson and Johnson, Red Bull, Visa, Reckitt & Benkiser, The Hershey Company, Ford Canada, Bayer, Home Depot, Bell Globe Media



"Stewart's voice work is second to none. He has a great range, and delivers a tailored read for every project - always knocking it out of the park!"

-Sean Connolly, V.P. Primetime Unscripted Development, Marble Media

“Stewart gave Discovery World a signature ID sound that helped to differentiate the brand. He was always very professional and ready to adapt any creative changes, along with being a pleasure to collaborate with!” ---Lindsay Cowan Dotchison, Director of Programming, Discovery Networks at Discovery Channel

“Stew is a seasoned pro. He can teach it and speak it with his eyes closed.”

-Alan Powell, Freelance TV/Film Director specializing in Drama “As the voice for Discovery World, Stewart gave us a versatile and commanding presence essential to helping us build the brand and establish the tone of the network.”

-Michael Earls, Creative Director, Discovery Channel

"Stew has the experience, performance instincts and attitude that make working with him a success every time. He’s a total pro.”

-Dave Boire, Owner, Db Audio Studios, Toronto