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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

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Nicole is the daughter of a French and a Greek Musician and spent most of her teen years travelling with her parents, which resulted in her fluency in English from a young age.

She started her carreer as a TV Presenter and Producer, while studying diction and singing.  In 1992 she lived in the UK for 2 years, before going to Greece to pursue her carreer as a singer and entertainer.  In 2001 she became a mother, so she had a change of career and worked from home, as an illustrator and published a book about home-birth.  In 2005, her blog became a book, and she worked as a columnist for a variety of womens magazines.  She has published two books in total, and up to this day, work occasionnaly as a script writer, in 3 languages.

Nicole was the voice of the National Telephone company OTE in Greece (English and Greek) and the official 10mn solution voice (Greek) for Prevention magazine.  She has sang in a series fo DVD's for Audiovisual and sang numerous jingles for Broadcasting commercials and narrated many documentaries.  In 2012 she moved to Denmark and very quickly became the French go-to voice.  She took part in the Eurovision contest 2014, and her clients include Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma, Lego, Nicorette, Sterling Homes, MovieStarplanet, Blue Lion tours and many more, both in English and French.  Her latest assignments are a series of Bootcamp Dvd's, the Bona sweeper TV commercial in France and moviestarplanet.

Nicole's specialty is relaxation and meditation audio (a practice she employs when she teaches vocal realignment), warm emotional testimonies, excited teens, feminine characters, Cartoonish characters, game voices, Informative videos, e learning and language learning applications for androids and iPhones.

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