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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

French Male VO

Pierre is a native French voiceover artist with more than 20 years experience and one of the industry's leading French talents.  He is the continuity voice of Discovery and ESPN, the voice of Wuaki TV, promo voice of MTV, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network, member of the voice pool for the NRJ radio network (NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM) and many, many French TV commercials.

Thanks to being bilingual with a French accent (from very subtle to verrry strrrong), he is also the voice of quite few UK TV spots, and a handful of global campaigns such as the famed Dolce & Gabbana commercial.

His voice ranges from warm, caring, genuine, gentle, engaging to deep, manly, rich, authoritative, convincing and from sexy, velvety, smooth, softly spoken, suave, current, trendy to smokey, husky, raspy, gritty, tough and rough.

Clients - Renault, Apple, Lynx, McDonald's, Kikkoman, Nike, Dolce&Gabbana, Le Rustique, Versace, Canon, Stella Artois, Honda, Dell, Signal, Total… He has also voiced countless video games, trailers, web promos, corporate videos, explainers, etc. His voice is also featured in many movies, including The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven, Troy and Master and Commander to name a few.


-Anne-Sophie Channoux, Channel Director, Discovery France

I wanted to personally thank you for the work you’ve done for us this last year. It’s been a true pleasure to work with you and the result was absolutely top class – you gave a real identity to the channel

-Stefan Telegdy, CEO Nerd Communications, & Partner, Embassy Of Dreams

To simply label Pierre “vocal talent” would be a serious understatement. This guy is a full-blown actor. He became Ben the Bodyguard in an instant – not only lending Ben his voice, but giving him a soul in the process.

-Nick Bartleet, Director

An incredibly warm and professional artist, with such astonishing character and depth in his voice, Pierre added more than I could have dreamed of to our production. His ability to record, edit and clean up the takes directly from his own facility with a sound worthy of the best Soho studios, giving us the welcomed option to remotely live-produce the session, saved us so much time – and money. I can’t wait to work with him again.

-Iain Grant, Sound Engineer, WAM London (ex-Triangle)

Over the many years I’ve worked with Pierre, he’s never failed to deliver the goods. He’s always quick to grasp what’s required while constantly delivering beyond expectations and he is a true pleasure to record and work with. As a sound engineer working in a high-end London facility, I’m also really impressed with the quality of voice recordings produced by his own studio.

-Richard Hickey, Director

We needed a voice for our Skittles rainbow coloured muppetesque tapeworm, not an easy brief, but Pierre delivered a pitch perfect performance that brought Benny the tapeworm to life and with it personality and tone that Benny was lacking. Benny is alive with a ton of character!!! thanks to Pierre.

-Nicola Gilbert, Deputy MD, Grand Central Recording Studios

I have been working with Pierre for the best part of two decades. I adore Monsieur Maubauche. Not only is an incredibly talented voiceover but he is an absolute joy to work with. He is accomodating, versatile and offers good advice on translations, scripts and direction where required. I can't recommend him highly enough. Book him, book him now.

French Commercial Demo

French Character Demo

English/French Accent Demo

French Corporate Demo

French Commercial Demo

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