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Thursday, 18 October 2018 14:37


Abi is a multi-award nominated Artist whose voice is young, current, relatable and very popular for commercial radio adverts, TV Promotions, Radio S&P Imaging and IVR, due to the husky, cool tones that allow her to be versatile.  Her bubbly personality and professional character make her very pleasant to work with, and she is no stranger to public speaking as an active Road Safety Campaigner.

Commercial Demo


Clients: After nearly ten years in the Voice Over Industry, she has built a strong client list working with well-known brands such as Schwartzkopf, BT, Argos, De Vere Hotels and CBBC as well as presenting on a local weekend radio show.

Friday, 06 July 2018 07:49

Ian C

Ian is a popular choice to voice corporate films, video games, documentaries, e-Learning, award shows, apps and TV/radio commercials with great versatility.  

Voice & Accent:  Ian's voice combines a friendly, warm R.P. accent (and a native Yorkshire when useful) with a commanding, mature fortyish gravitas when needed, using a wide array of energetic accents and dialects for all tones (American N.Y and southern states, Russian, French etc).   His international profile is also boosted by his trained language facility with spoken Italian, French, and German. His voice is ideal for projects from nurturing, supportive inductions, quirky 'boffinish' explainer films, through clear instructional learning, into those powerful and emotive corporate rallying calls.

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
e-Learning Demo
Gaming Demo
 American Accent Demo


 Clients: Ian already represents 200+ clients in 20+ countries, including name brands such as HSBC's sports sponsorship corporates, MERCEDES-BENZ, RICOH, ADIDAS, NESTLE, IBM, HITACHI, ROLLS-ROYCE, JAGUAR, BARCLAYS, COCA-COLA and many more. 

Studio: Ian has his my own fully sound-proofed home studio; Shure SM7B mic walled in with top-quality foam insulation (multi-layered 50mm Rockwool) and GK Acoustic 6ft paneling surrounding the mic area and linked to a Focusrite 2i2 interface. He is happy to dial-in via Skype for clients to direct as he records. 

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 11:13


Natasha is a London based singer, songwriter, pianist and voiceover artist with a professional background in acting. Her passion for the world of voice, and over a decade’s experience spanning stage, studio, T.V and radio make her reliable and natural in the booth. Warm, friendly and versatile she has the ability to produce a bright and engaging delivery whether it’s a commercial, corporate or narrative read.

Voice & Accent: Natasha’s voice is warm, characterful and authentic with a distinctive, rich tone and vocal range of 20 - 40 years. Her natural accent is British with hints of native Coventry and soft northern touches which can be accentuated or reduced to neutral RP. She can also voice a generic Caribbean accent and is fluent in Spanish.


Commercial Demo
Narration Demo
Documentary Demo

 Click HERE to listen to Natasha's Spanish Demo

Clients: Jazz FM, Solar radio, Sony PlayStation, BBC, Camelot

Studio: Natasha offers quick turnaround from her professional home studio using high-quality microphones and Skype connection. She is also London based with easy access to many studios.

Friday, 04 May 2018 12:01

Katie F

Katie provides a friendly, professional service. Her corporate and commercial clients include American Express, Shell, Cisco, BBC, British Council, NHS, Longleat, the British Heart Foundation and the Youth Olympic Games. She was delighted to win the 2018 One Voice Award for Outstanding Live Event Announcer. Katie is a Storyteller, with a background in TV News and a Cambridge English degree. Whatever story you want to tell, Katie’s voice will bring it to life.

Voice & Accent:  Katie is from West Sussex and her voice is naturally RP. It has been described as clear, confident and friendly. She loves character work and is an acclaimed actor, with a great range of character voices & accents – as shown in her Gaming and Animation reels.

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Animation Demo
Gaming Demo

Clients:  American Express, Shell, Cisco, BBC, British Council, Scottish Power, Hillarys, Youth Olympic Games, Etihad Airways, Royal Academy of Engineering, McKinsey, Which?, Ladbrokes, Initial, NHS, British Heart Foundation, Elite Singles, Balsam Hill, My Perfect Eyes, Emirates, Longleat, Sainsbury’s, DIVA Diamond Museum, Mixology Bar Awards, KPMG, Pictet Asset Management, ReadingWise, Ocean Rift, Uberpet, Max Real Estate Awards, Design Ovation Awards.

Studio: Esmono; Microphone: sE2200a II; Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 212 audio interface providing high-quality, award-winning mic preamps and professional standard 24-bit/96kHz digital conversion; Headphones: Sennheiser HD205; Connectivity: Source Connect Now; Cleanfeed, compatible with ipDTL and ISDN; Phone patch capabilities: Skype, Bodalgocall, mobile phone patch.


Katie is incredible at what she does - Biz Media Studios, USA

Extremely professional… always providing a quick turnaround - Engine Creative, UK

Awesome voice work… a pleasure to work with - Slurpy Studios, UK

Takes direction well and has a lovely, commercial voice -The Gate Films, UK

Thursday, 22 February 2018 08:58

Tom M

Tom has been working professionally as an actor and voice-over artist for over 15 years. Having been brought up in both London and Wales, Tom is able to deliver voice over in English and Welsh language, in either accent.  Tom's work is particularly popular with clients who need a bilingual voice for projects with a quick turnaround.

Voice & Accent:  Tom has a warm and engaging voice.  Accents include R.P., London, Welsh (North and South,  Languages - English and Welsh.  His age range vocally is mid-20s to late 30s.


Commercial Demo
Commercial (Welsh Accent) Demo
Narrative Demo
Welsh Language Demo

Clients: ClassicFM, HSBC,  Football Association Wales, NHS Wales, Marie Curie, Tesco, RICS,  Middletons, Huw Philips Gower Butcher,  The Open University, Sanoma Language Books, 

Studio:  Acoustically treated studio, recording using a Focusrite CM25 condenser mic with a Scarlett 2i2 preamp on Macbook Pro.

Monday, 19 February 2018 11:48


Gwen has a friendly, warm and engaging natural voice. Born in South East England, Gwen was brought up in Wales, went on to become an Australian citizen, and has a range of accents to match. With years of experience as an actor, radio presenter and compere, plus more recently in commercial, corporate and narrative voiceover, Gwen enjoys bringing any copy to life.

Voice & Accent:  Gwen has been described as having a friendly, warm and engaging natural voice, and as sounding in her 20s and 30s, though also sits comfortably in her own age bracket of 40s. She can switch between a range of accents and characters, while her particular strengths lie in her native Estuary English, plus RP, Welsh and Australian. She is also bilingual, speaking fluent Welsh. 


Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Narrative Demo
Welsh Language Demo


Clients:  Nation Broadcasting Ltd, Herald Radio, Packt Publishing, Mill Arts Centre, Chestnut Tree Tales, Tel.Cymru

Studio: Skype. Rode NT1-A-mic. Audacity editing software.



She’s not just a voice, she’s a storyteller, a passionate, imaginative and inspirational one.

Lee Markham, Chestnut Tree Tales

Her dedication to getting everything right is just awe-inspiring. One of the most dedicated people we have worked with.

Manisha Patro, Packt Publishing

Gwen has a unique and velvety voice which was perfectly suited to our advert. Sounds great on the radio and I’d highly recommend her.

Rhys Hopkin – Programming and Marketing Manager, Mill Arts Centre

Gwen is a breeze to work with, very friendly, and most of all professional.

Toby Ellis – Director, TE1 Entertainment

Gwen is always a pleasure to work with, she has a fantastic voice with a compassionate delivery. Work is always returned quickly and my clients love the natural tones, the emphasis and warmth in her voice. She’s one of my go-to voice actors.

Simeon Lloyd - Director, Simeon Lloyd Studios


Thursday, 15 February 2018 16:58

Steve L

From courts to cameras: after ten years of advocacy as a barrister specialising in criminal and family cases, Steve became a BBC television journalist, reporting mainly on news and current affairs. Freelance assignments have taken Steve across Asia, North America and Europe to present and produce a wide range of television content for clients including the BBC, CNN, Sky One and CGTN.

Voice & Accent:  Steve’s voice is warm and down-to-earth, with a friendly tone that can convey sincere authority as well as notes of wry humour.  After his Birmingham childhood and then working across England over 20 years, Steve’s accents can also travel comfortably from northern to southern lines, or from Brummie to plummy!


Corporate Demo

Clients: Telegraph Media Group, CGTN, BBC, CNN, British Council, SKY

Studio:   Steve has 24/7 access to professional high-quality recording studios so can offer fast-turn-around on any project. 

Monday, 05 February 2018 13:11


Victoria is a British voice over artist based in Brighton. She’s been an audio describer on TV for several years. She’s  recorded many voice-overs for corporate and commercial use and performs regularly as a musical comedian. 

Voice & Accent:  Clear, friendly and fresh. She has a native British accent. Age range teenager to 40’s. 

Commercial Demo
Narrative Demo

Clients: Five, ITV, Discovery and various other TV channels. Eddsworld (online animation). Corporate/commercial clients include Betfair, Age UK, Taxi App, CRS Resources

Studio: Victoria works from her home studio which includes a rode condenser microphone and MacBook Pro, offering fast turnaround on all projects. 
Wednesday, 24 January 2018 12:06


Dave is a versatile experienced voice over possessing a  warm smooth deep commanding voice suitable for a wide range of applications including corporate, e-Learning Commercials for radio and tv, Internet videos and Imaging.

Dave worked for several large UK Radio groups as a presenter and voice over and is well known in the broadcasting world. He now works from his home studio based in the North West on a daily basis and is in high demand from a range of high end clients for his talented skills as a voice over.

Voice & Accent: Deep, warm smooth and classy with a neutral accent age range from 30’s-50s.


Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Corporate Demo (Without Music) 

Clients:  BBC/ITV, Hilton hotels, Saks New York, Olimp sports nutrition, Bridgestone Tyres, BMW Dubai, Lloyds chemist, TSB, Vbet,

Studio:  Mic Rhode nt1, Yamaha mixer, Soundforge editing, Microsoft Surface laptop. Delivery via email/dropbox, we transfer in wav/mp3 format.  Turn-around time; 24- 48hours every day including weekends.

Monday, 22 January 2018 13:02


Jules is versatile with many years experience voicing local to global TV and online commercials, narration and e-learning projects. From upbeat up-tempo, to warm laidback husky and deep, to clarity with impact. Jules develops the character, delivering the voice, accent, temperament and tone you need for your project.  He is also an actor, singer, composer, media producer, motivational speaker and educator.

Voice & Accent:  His voice styles include versatile, natural, confident, authoritative, announcer, soft sell, warm, sexy, smooth, rich, chocolaty, funny, dry, sophisticated, posh/aristo, cool, hip/trendy.  His voice age ranges from mid 30's to 60's. Jules can voice in English RP, London, West Country, Northern, Midlands, Welsh, Scottish and Irish accents as well as a host of international accents including general American, Russian, French, German, Italian, Australian and West Indian. 

Commerical Demo
Corporate Demo
e-Learning Demo
Audiobook Demo
Broadcasting Demo

Clients: Microsoft. BBC. Discovery. Sony. Maersk. British Bank Finance. Chelsea Building Society. Oxford Business Awards. PDSA. Workare. Arts Magic. Character Narration Award-winning short film Needless Things by Victor Mawer

Studio: Pro-audio recording and editing software and professional microphones. Jules uses We Transfer to deliver audio files mastered in mp3 or WAV format and is within easy reach of the M4 so is happy to travel if required.

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