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London born, Nadine is a trained actress. Her musical talents took her to the West End. For eight years she appeared and performed in a number of critically acclaimed musicals; Barnum, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Charlie Girl and with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Today, 20 years later, she can be heard globally on a variety of media platforms ranging from radio and TV to aeroplane safety and SatNav announcements. She recently won ‘Best Visual Advertising Campaign’ at the Vox Awards 2017 and next year, she is delighted to be presenting a Ted Talk on being a Voice Over. An ITV Creative Director perfectly sums up her timbre: "if Angels have voices, then they will sound like Nadine.

Voice & Accent:  Nadine’s voice is current, natural, sexy, husky, chocolate, informative and hugely versatile. Characters include; kids, witches, grannies, a mushroom or even a snake!  Her accent is are diverse from Mid Atlantic to the fast speaking lass from Liverpool but most importantly, her voice can be calm, clear, unaffected and sound totally ‘natural’.  Accents include; cockney/London, Liverpool, French, Italian, Dorset, Australian, American – mid-Atlantic/American, New York, Brooklyn, Southern.

Commercial Demo
Character Demo
Campaign Demo
TV Promo Demo


Clients:  Nadine won Vox 2017 Best Visual Advertising Campaign for BMW. She is the voice of Garmin – the satellite navigation system.  Other clients include; Trivago, Amazon, BMI, Bupa, Bulgari, The Times, Glaxo SmithKline, NHS, HM Prisons, TP Toys, Velux Windows.  Other work includes; web animation, narration, documentary, e-learning, IVR, Voice of God, phone prompts. ‘Voice of God’ for Fleet Car awards, Grosvenor House, park lane, London!

Studio:  Nadine records from her multi-media studio in London offering ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect and Skype.  She can offer her client to ‘listen in’ through a telephone patch-in unit should the director wish to take part. MP3/Wav files are also on offer.  The studio produces quality acoustics and a clear sound, pleasing clients, directors and engineers alike. Her studio consists of; Microphone Neumann U87. ISDN Codec Prima Lt. Studio 4 Sound Desk. Wavelab.


Nadine's professionalism as an actress and voice-over artiste has helped me to produce many different programs over the years. Her faultless reading comes from intelligence and ability to take direction and also to input her own ideas. Whether it's in vision or audio, I recommend her 100%.  Worthwhile Productions - Jeremy

Having worked with Nadine for a number of years, over a number of campaigns and a variety of clients we can be sure when we say that she is one of the most versatile, talented and reliable voiceover artists we have had the pleasure of working with. Able to deliver warm, reassuring, friendly straight reads as well as a number of characters which were developed over time, she remains in the forefront of our minds when selecting talent for our campaigns      AL Marketing – Zoe

If angles have voices then they would sound like Nadine    ITV – Creative Director


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Tanya B

Tanya is a professional, 7 year long established voice over artist.  Hard work and dedication has built up clients worldwide covering many reknowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pandora Jewellery, Vogue, Jaguar Vodafone and the list goes on... recently Tanya has seen the release of Ancient Frontier, a video game where she plays one of the lead characters, 'tough cookie' Commander Tara, "grrrrrrr".   Tanya also works  as a presenter on request and also covers news casts. 

Voice & Accent:  Tanya's voice has an air of sophistication with velvety tones but also has the versatility to be able to produce character voices too.  She has a voice that can adapt to many genres of professional VO and with regularity switches between commercial, corporate and character work.

Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo 2 
Corporate Demo
Animation Demo
Music Promo Demo

Clients: Ralph Lauren, Vogue, John Freida, Vero Moda, Google, Pandora, Curvissa, Vodafone, Puma, Yonex, American Express, Weight Watchers, Jaguar, Landrover and many more besides...

Studio:  ISDN Studio, professional sound booth, IMAC desktop systems, Rhode NT Mics, Focusrite 2i2.  Coming soon conference calling!

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Tom F

Tom has voiced hundreds of international campaigns involving top commercial brands and sports.  You may have heard him voicing the World Cup, the Olympics and Formula One.  In addition, he has narrated many documentaries and was the voice of the National Geographic Channel for three years.  Tom's South African and International campaigns have won numerous awards in Gold and Silver categories at the CANNES LIONS advertising awards. His works have also won several local South African advertising awards for the LOERIES and the television promo awards, PROMAX.  His versatility means Tom is always in demand when top Advertising Agencies are pitching or putting their ads forward for awards.

He has been consistently one of the most in-demand voices in South Africa for over 16 years in the corporate and commercial world.

Voice & Accent: Tom has a warm conversational British RP delivery,  with the ability to sound more corporate or intimately narrative.  He is incredibly versatile with style, accents and impersonations, having voiced characters for two international children's comedy animations.

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Tv Promo Demo
Character Demo

Clients:  BMW, Mercedes,  Jaguar, Safinn Bank,  Liberty Life, Barclays,  The World Cup,Wimbledonn,  F1, BBC prime time,  National Geographic,  Reckitt Benckiser , Virgin , Emirates,  ba, Nike,  Adidas,  Coca-cola,  Unilever,  Sptrepsils

Studio: SE V! microphone, Soundproof studio, Skype facility on mac, MacBook  PRO with garage band and pro tools.  Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 V2 ( sound card) Shure SM 7B mike and pro tools

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Darren R

Darren has been in radio and voice-over professional for over 17 years.  He produced many national radio shows as well as voiced ads, jingles and animations.  Darren's versatility makes him a valuable voice-over artist.  He can accurately impersonate a variety of characters and accents which is perfect for any narration. 

Voice & Accent: Darren has a rich, warm, friendly and welcoming natural voice although can imitate accents and ages very well. He can voice anything from Scottish, Brummy, Geordie, Welsh, West Country, East Anglia, (Norfolk), London accents.  His natural accent is a southern, (soft Kentish), but well-spoken accent.

Commercial Demo
Character Demo

Clients: Nottingham Children's Hospital, Hill Langdell Ltd., Rhythm Factory Creative, PurpleLine, Snapfulfil, Personalised Retail Gifts, BoxClever, RWMC Installations

Studio: Behringer microphones, D&R Airmate, Mic compressor/limiter, latest Adobe Audition and Apple Mac's for recording.

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Gabrielle is a highly respected and experienced British Voice Actor with her own studio at her home in Kent, UK.  A trained actor, she works in all genres of voice over and narration with clients around the world.  A finalist for a Voice Arts Award in 2016 in Los Angles and Best Selling audiobook narrator for award-winning authors, Gabrielle will bring your words and characters to life. 

Voice & Accent: Gabrielle has a naturally warm RP accent and also works in regional British accents as well as standard American, Australian, German, French and southern Irish.  Gabrielle is a fluent French speaker.  Her voice is described as; warm, buttery, sultry, trustworthy, informative and friendly, with an age range of 25 - 45.  Gabrielle has narrated best-selling audiobooks, international corporate work,  e-learning and video games.  A trained actor and nominee for a Voice Arts Award in 2016 Gabrielle is described as an 'Auditory Joy' by those who enjoy her work.

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Gaming Demo
Drama Demo

Clients: Siemens, Telefonica, La Redoute, Perrier Jouet, Mumm Champagne, WF&Co, NHS, The Home Office, Audible, Dairy Farm Group.

Studio: Isolation booth within studio, Neumann TLM103 Mic, Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 interface, Source connect, Adobe Audition CC, Studio one, Mac


We needed a voiceover for our Sky Ad Smart TV commercial and Gabrielle’s voice was ideally suited for our brand. As a luxury retailer we needed a voice that carried the ethos of the company while maintaining a warm approachability. Gabrielle delivered just what we wanted with a quick turnaround and great communication, and was also quick to rerecord tweaks when we edited the VO. It was a pleasure to work with Gabrielle, and we’d recommend her for anyone in need of high end voice talent.

Lloyd Amsden: co-founder WF& Co

Working with Gabrielle Baker on my first audio book has been both a privilege and fantastic learning experience.  The audio format contains an additional component that print and digital formats don’t possess—“music to the ear.”  A good narrator needs to read the prose in such way that a listener is happy not only to remain tuned in to hours of narration but also become engaged with the story and its characters.  Bringing the fictional world and characters to life and translating their emotions, uniqueness and vibrancy from the written to the spoken word is a tall order.  Gabrielle masterfully hit every one of those targets in my book.  She is a pleasure to work with; creative, collaborative and with a fine ear for detail.  I’m very much looking forward to working with her on five more books and watching as she uses her voice magic to bring them to life.

Grace Draven: Author

I've worked with Gabrielle for many years and she always works to the highest standards, delivering high-quality work on time.  I value her creative input and she has provided telephony voice over for some of our largest international clients.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Gabrielle.

Dave Hindmarsh: Director Icom Telecoms

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Ben JM

Ben is a versatile voice-over artist and experienced live presenter and entertainer. With his warm, friendly and engaging tones, Ben is the perfect choice for a range of projects, having already voiced everything from audiobooks, TV promos, documentaries and commercials. 

Voice & Accent: Ben’s natural voice is Neutral RP.  He can also perform many character voices and has even voiced Santa.  

Commercial Demo
Tv Promo Demo
Continunity Announcer Demo
Audiobook Demo
Character Demo
Programme Intro Demo

Clients:  Ben's latest project was voicing for photography company Fisheye.

Studio: Ben has fast access to several professional studios.  

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Jacqueline started her career as a supporting artist working on many films and TV productions over several years.  She is friendly, professional and is skilfully able to capture your audience’s attention whether she be voicing an explainer video, e-Learning course, TV ad or IVR message.

Voice & Accent: Jacqueline is a native Londoner, with the ability to voice Cockney, posh and neutral RP.   She has voiced for many IVR voice prompts, e-learning and business adverts such as BT Home Hub.  Her voice has been described as melodious, precise, clear with smooth and trustworthy and sonority. She has a voice range of 30 to 50 years.


Commercial Demo
E-Learning Demo
IVR Demo

Clients: BT Home Hub, Dental, Language Schools, Telekomm Solutions

Studio: Marantz professional microphone,  Recordpad pro,  WavPro, Switch software, file converters, sound proof booth, plus skype & work phone for client’s direction. 


Jacqueline has given each and every one of my clients a first-class service.  She is technically efficient with a fast turnaround.

- Telekomm Solutions   

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Sarah M

Based in Atlanta, Sarah is an experienced full-time actor and voice-over talent.  In her custom-built isolation booth home studio, she is able to connect with the world and loves to work with different time zones!  Born and raised in the UK, she has lived in the US for over 20 years. She has also lived as an expat in Singapore for 2 years. Her voice has been heard in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.

Sarah is a proud founding 500 member of the World Voices Organization (WOVO) and has a WOVO approved studio.

Voice & Accents: Her strong Film and TV experience and her extensive theatre background means she can maintain characterizations and accents throughout the recording process. Other accents such as Cockney, Liverpudlian and Yorkshire are specialities.  Her voice age ranges from 30 years to senior. She has a broad range of delivery styles including conversational, real to corporate to wacky and creative. Her voice has been described as friendly, informed, warm, engaging, with a dulcet tone.

Commercial Demo
Character Demo
IVR Demo
Voice of God Demo

Clients: She was the narrator for the 2017 Holiday Special for ADULT SWIM.  She was honoured to voice the “Crimes Against Humanity” documentary that was shown at the Geneva Convention.  Another highlight was the Voice Of God for The NAMM Convention in California where she introduced some of the most iconic musicians on the planet. 

Studio: Sarah uses SOURCE CONNECT (Standard 3.9 version), which ensures you have a clear broadcast quality recording of client-directed sessions. IPDTL is also available along with SKYPE, ZOOM, and professional phone patch.

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Tristian is a British male voice-over artist, actor and audio producer specialising in commercial, promo, e-learning, IVR, voicemail, film and TV narrations.  He is professional and versatile and his voice has been described as sounding similar to Tom Hiddleston and Roger Moore (depending on the age, style etc.).

Voice & Accent: Tristian has a naturally southern English accent and can convey voice-over narrations from ages 20 to 50.  Styles and delivery include warm, smooth, articulate, sophisticated, authentic, sincere, guy next door, authoritative, promo, corporate, educational and knowledgeable.

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

Clients: Tristian has also had many on-screen appearances, working for on various productions from the BBC, FOX, ABC and Sky.  He has previously been the voice of Euro cinema TV Channels international promo campaign.

Studio: Tristian has a professional acoustically treated home recording studio for clean, low noise, dry audio. Audio equipment includes sE Electronics se2200a mkii microphone, Audient ID22 audio interface, Mogami Gold Cables Interconnects and Adobe Audition CS6 software. 


Tristian did an amazing job with our voiceover.  He matched his tone of voice with the music and words perfectly the first time. He is professional, talented, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to using him again soon.

- Anna P. Eurocinema.

Good voice over.  Very fast and professional.

- Millennium Investment Banking.

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Top Global Brands trust Pete’s voice to promote their products, sell their services, educate their employees and more.  So, why not add your brand to the list?

Born of Anglo-Welsh parents, Pete is originally from Cheshire.  He trained as an actor at the prestigious Drama Studio London where voice coaches highlighted his vocal physiology, describing it as “unusual – a deep resonant 'chest voice' combined with a light resonant 'head voice'."   This gives Pete a unique sound which listeners find memorable – and if they remember the voice, they will also remember your brand, product or message.

As an actor, he's worked extensively in film & television, including Coronation Street, Eastenders and as a regular character in the British comedy series Hotel Getaway.  He's also appeared on the London stage - acting in plays and performing Stand-Up/Impressions.  His talent for comedy and improvisation has also led to in-vision roles in TV adverts across the globe.

Voice & Accent:  Pete has 20 years of Voiceover experience. He has a voice age of 30 to 50 with a warm, reassuring, clear and distinctive sound. Frequently used accents are Standard English (RP), Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and South Wales.  Pete has also recorded using Cockney, Geordie/Newcastle, Birmingham, West Country, Scottish, Irish, Australian, American (New York, East Coast, Southern States & Standard) and South African accents. He can also provide a multitude of character voices and is a gifted impressionist.

Commercial Demo

Commercial Demo 2
Corporate/Explainer Demo

E-Learning Demo
Documentary Demo

Clients: Pete’s memorable voice is heard across 5 continents – in Commercials, Promos, Trailers, Video Games, Radio Drama, Corporate Films, Explainer Videos, E-learning modules, Documentaries and Historical Recordings. Experience includes:-  TV Commercials for Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Disney and Peugeot | Explainers for IKEA, Edding and Nationwide | Corporate Films for NOKIA, BNP Paribas and Royal Sun Alliance.

Studio:  Pete’s personal London studio produces pristine voice overs with the option to listen, direct and record remotely from any location. He's also within easy reach of the popular central London studios where he works frequently.  His Studio includes Rode NT1-A Microphone, DBX 286s Processor, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Pre-Amp,  iMac 27" Retina,  Synology NAS,  Adobe Audition CS6, Focal CMS 50 Professional Monitors, Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones, Source Connect Now / ipDTL / Session Link Pro.


I worked with Pete on an animation project and a big part of its success was his magical voice – his narration is like a brain massage! It was so easy and productive working with Pete: constructive discussions, quick turnaround, great result. Pete was also very helpful with script suggestions – he made it sound better by replacing dry technical words with more relatable phrases. The recording was provided with top quality. Thanks Pete! 

Maria Bozina - Animation Producer - Solity Software 

When asked to turn a recent job around within 24hours, Pete had no problem in making this happen. He communicated every step of the way and the end product was fantastic. Pete is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies!

Rich Martin - Director - Infused Communications

Excellent voice over artist, very professional and easy to work with and easy to record. Great voice! Very punctual and got the job done in super quick time. 

Naomi Dandridge - Recording Engineer - Mayflower Studios, London



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