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Juliette is a voiceover artist located in Los Angeles working in neutral British and Global & mid-Atlantic American English.  Her client demographic is luxury products, financial services, technology, travel & leisure, international relations/human rights, and some Fortune 500 companies.

Juliette has a versatile sound – warm, sophisticated, refined and luxurious, humorous, with a touch of edge, pizzazz and wryness, when needed. She likes to convey a sense of the countries she has visited and lived in the world, which has proved, and continues to be an excellent fit for the 21st century’s international global marketplace.  

Juliette is confident with VO's in British, Global Mid-Atlantic American, French, Italian, Russian, Australian and South African. S

he has a broadcast quality studio using Twisted Wave, MacBook Pro, Equitek 100S mic and Scarlet 212 interface.

British Demo

Mid Atlantic Global American Demo


Thank you again for the great job you did recording the MEASURE IR e-learning audio. We’d love to work with you again!

-Michelle Thacher – Sr. Instructional Designer – Juliette –

liked your read. It was fun, had playfulness and mystery. Good read.

-Ilko Drozdoski – TGMD Talent Agency – Los Angeles

Juliette has done the voice over for several of our explainer travel videos, several using her amazing ability to hone a dialect at short notice including Irish and New Zealand accents. Her VISIT GREAT BRIT AIN video has had an enormously positive response resulting in many bookings. Juliette is always my first call for a voice over with a world perspective and accent abilities.

-Adam Lapsevich CEO & Co-founder SpoonDrawer Media Group 

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Peter has a deep but clear voice with a Received Pronunciation accent.  He has been in broadcasting all his life, presenting for both TV & radio stations across the UK.

His voiceover work has covered a wide range of outputs; commercials, audio books, promos, video games and also many corporate and training videos for many leading international organisations including McDonald’s, Volvo, European Space Agency, Jaguar, Premier Foods, Lego, Pepsico, Serimax, BMW, Schlumberger, Linde and many more.

His studio is broadcast quality with Neumann U87 microphones with ipDTL facility.  Peter is also a skilled audio editor using Adobe Audition and video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Peter is a former BBC TV News presenter and voices authentically with a Mid-Atlantic accent.

Audiobook Demo

Character Demo

Corporate Demo

Compilation Demo

Documentary Demo

Explainer Demo

Factual Demo


Peter went above and beyond! Truly a pleasure to work with!

-Sara Grace Donnely

Extremely fast, friendly and professional. Has been a pleasure working with Peter. Looking forward to our next project.

-David S Frank, USA

Quick turn around, and very professional. Wonderful to work with!

-Rob Whitlow, USA

Peter is excellent to work with - very quick responses, professional, and as promised he was more than happy to send through many variations of his already great work. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

-Young Ha Kim 

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Canadian Male VO

Steven has the quintessential mid-Atlantic voice, having spent part of his life in London, England and the other in North America.

He has the versatility and range to capture European, as well as the more robust American accents.  Steven is adept at straight reads, humorous and dramatic narration, as well as a range of character voice deliveries.

Steven began his career as an on air host for the Life Channel Satellite Network.  He then went on to specialize in voice work for several television stations and production houses and his voiceover experience has ranged from documentary, video gaming, corporate, commercial and public service announcements.

Narration Demo

Commercial Demo

Character Demo


“Working with Steven is always a pleasure. He is swift to execute, and always aims high in his standards, allowing us to produce the very best possible TV and radio commercials.”

-Nicole Risse, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

“I have known and worked with Steven for over 20 years. In that time, I have seen him exercise his range of vocal techniques, be it for straight reads or character-based projects. He is an astute actor, who approaches his craft with the utmost dedication.”

-Jim Davidson, Owner, Clare Burt Recording Ltd.