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Neil's voice can be heard worldwide...38 countries to date...and counting.  His warm, clear, natural and relatable voice has been used on television, radio, e-learning, corporate videos, IVR, web videos, gaming and animation projects since 2009.  A former ITV Continuity Announcer and Kiss FM newsreader, Neil has a friendly and fun personality and is great at taking direction, with over a decades experience of ISDN voiceover sessions.

Voice & Accent:  Warm, Clear and Natural, Neil has the perfect mix of authenticity and energy to bring your words to life. With a large array of accents and character voices in his armoury too, he is a sound choice for those who may be looking to add some colour to their recording too. Neil is Scottish born so can offer a native Scottish lilt too.

Commercial Demo
Character Demo
Explainer Demo

Clients:  Volkswagen, Playstation, HMV, American Golf, Uncle Ben's, Hyundai, ASDA, The Ministry of Defence, GAME, BMW, Chessington World of Adventures, Fujitsu, Ticketmaster, Lloyd's Pharmacy, HSBC.

Studio:  Neil operates from a broadcast quality ISDN studio with a Neumann TLM 103 microphone, Prima LT codec, Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro preamp, Yamaha MG124cx mixing console and Pro Tools DAW on a Dell PC.  He is available for live sessions via ISDN or Skype or can record and deliver audio securely to you direct.

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London born, Nadine is a trained actress. Her musical talents took her to the West End. For eight years she appeared and performed in a number of critically acclaimed musicals; Barnum, Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Charlie Girl and with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Today, 20 years later, she can be heard globally on a variety of media platforms ranging from radio and TV to aeroplane safety and SatNav announcements. She recently won ‘Best Visual Advertising Campaign’ at the Vox Awards 2017 and next year, she is delighted to be presenting a Ted Talk on being a Voice Over. An ITV Creative Director perfectly sums up her timbre: "if Angels have voices, then they will sound like Nadine.

Voice & Accent:  Nadine’s voice is current, natural, sexy, husky, chocolate, informative and warm. Characters include kids, witches, grannies, a mushroom or even a snake! Her accents diverse from mid-Atlantic to the fast speaking lass from Liverpool, cockney, French, Italian, Dorset, Australian, southern Texan to the tight upper lipped New Yorker. 

Commercial Demo
Character Demo
E-Learning Demo
TV Promo Demo
Voice of God Demo


Clients:  Nadine won Vox 2017 Best Visual Advertising Campaign for BMW. She is the voice of Garmin – the satellite navigation system.  Other clients include; Trivago, Amazon, BMI, Bupa, Bulgari, The Times, Glaxo SmithKline, NHS, HM Prisons, TP Toys, Velux Windows.  Other work includes; web animation, narration, documentary, e-learning, IVR, Voice of God, phone prompts. ‘Voice of God’ for Fleet Car awards, Grosvenor House, park lane, London!

Studio:  Nadine records from her multi-media studio in London offering ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect and Skype.  She can offer her client to ‘listen in’ through a telephone patch-in unit should the director wish to take part. MP3/Wav files are also on offer.  The studio produces quality acoustics and a clear sound, pleasing clients, directors and engineers alike. Her studio consists of; Microphone Neumann U87. ISDN Codec Prima Lt. Studio 4 Sound Desk. Wavelab.


Nadine's professionalism as an actress and voice-over artiste has helped me to produce many different programs over the years. Her faultless reading comes from intelligence and ability to take direction and also to input her own ideas. Whether it's in vision or audio, I recommend her 100%.  Worthwhile Productions - Jeremy

Having worked with Nadine for a number of years, over a number of campaigns and a variety of clients we can be sure when we say that she is one of the most versatile, talented and reliable voiceover artists we have had the pleasure of working with. Able to deliver warm, reassuring, friendly straight reads as well as a number of characters which were developed over time, she remains in the forefront of our minds when selecting talent for our campaigns      AL Marketing – Zoe

If angles have voices then they would sound like Nadine    ITV – Creative Director


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Tanya B

Tanya is a professional, 7 year long established voice over artist.  Hard work and dedication has built up clients worldwide covering many reknowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pandora Jewellery, Vogue, Jaguar Vodafone and the list goes on... recently Tanya has seen the release of Ancient Frontier, a video game where she plays one of the lead characters, 'tough cookie' Commander Tara, "grrrrrrr".   Tanya also works  as a presenter on request and also covers news casts. 

Voice & Accent:  Tanya's voice has an air of sophistication with velvety tones but also has the versatility to be able to produce character voices too.  She has a voice that can adapt to many genres of professional VO and with regularity switches between commercial, corporate and character work.

Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo 2 
Corporate Demo
Animation Demo
Music Promo Demo

Clients: Ralph Lauren, Vogue, John Freida, Vero Moda, Google, Pandora, Curvissa, Vodafone, Puma, Yonex, American Express, Weight Watchers, Jaguar, Landrover and many more besides...

Studio:  ISDN Studio, professional sound booth, IMAC desktop systems, Rhode NT Mics, Focusrite 2i2.  Coming soon conference calling!

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Brazilian Female VO

Susie is a professionally trained Brazilian Actress based in the UK, with experience in Film, TV and Theatre. Susie now focuses in voiceovers and has a particular flair for commercials, corporate and character work, always delivering great audio and flawless reads. She has voiced across most genres over the past 18 years, adding a warm international flavour to some of the biggest global brands out there!

Susie is normally cast to voice young and middle-aged characters, from 18 to 45, and her voice is melodious, warm, husky, conversational and reassuring. She records in both in neutral native Brazilian Portuguese, native International English and accented US.

Brazilian Demo
Brazilian Portuguese Demo
English Demo


Clients include BMW, British Airways, BBC, Procter & Gamble, Ogilvy & Mather, Discovery Channel, Johnson & Johnson's, Microsoft, Intel, Stella Artois, Disney, Google, Nickelodeon, Pepsi, Oxford and Cambridge University Press, Nissan and DHL - to name a few

At home, she records in a treated space, using a SE X1 Mic and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp. Software: Audacity or Adobe Audition. Links: IpDTL, Skype, ISDN.  A Rode NT USB is also available on request for UN-style dubbing work.  Susie, also often records at ALT Studios, using their state of the art equipment, operated by a professional engineer.  Susie works there on a regular basis when voicing larger projects like very long e-learning recordings. Some of her European and American clients prefer to book sessions held at external studios with an engineer and ALT's services.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 13:15

Nicki M

Nicki is a young, fresh voiceover with a natural, down to earth style. She’s very experienced at voicing radio and TV adverts and is the current stand in station voice for Radio X.  She also voices a lot of corporate videos and on hold messages. Producers love Nicki for her natural, youthful sound and her ability to take direction well.

Voice & Accent:  Nicki’s voice is great for natural teen reads, right through to 20’s-30’s. She has a Midlands accent that she can turn on or off, depending on the brief.  She’s great at character reads and can turn her voice to anything from young and chatty, to cool promo style.

Commercial Demo
Promotional Demo
On-Hold/IVR Demo


Clients:  Global Radio, Kalenji, Nakd Snack Bars, Fabletics, University of West London, The White Company, Adidas, Britain’s Next Top Model, Amazon, Yo Sushi, Birmingham City FC, Dora the Explorer: The Live Tour

Studio:  Pronto2 ISDN / Skype / SourceConnect Now / IpDTL connectivity/ Audio Technica AT4033a microphone


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Born in Yorkshire and raised in Newcastle, Dan has a natural northern tone to his voice which sounds friendly and conversational.

He has a large vocal range, which is warm, genuine and engaging, great for both corporate and commercial voice-overs.  He has the ability to sound authoritative for hard sales or educational material, has acted as a ‘Voice of God’ announcer on occasion and voiced for children’s productions.  

Dan can perform a huge range of characters, with various emotive dynamics and styles, from villain to old man to classically British. He can also voice Scottish, Southern, RP, General American and Russian.  Dan is also brilliant at world accented caricatures and animation voices.  He has a natural voice age of 20 to 30 years but is always up for the challenge to bring any character to life.

Dan was educated in Stage Theatre, Media and Arts at Newcastle College and University and has trained with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards within their professional voice over training program “Gravy for the Brain.”

Dan currently works from his professional home studio including, IPDTL, ISDN over ipDTL TEL, Skype and MP3/WAV Delivery and all his work is available for quick turnaround.

 Commercial Demo
Character Demo


Dan’s emotional connection to the script really brought my character to life. I’ve always loved the Geordie accent and he nailed the emotion perfectly.
Presentation, and connection with the audience on a natural authentic level, Dan can work the mic like a dream!
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Rich has years of experience voicing all types of radio commercials for major networks such as UKRD and Bauer as well as the ARN Network in Dubai.  As well as radio commercials Rich also voices for corporate videos and on-hold messaging for large companies like PH Media.

Voice & Accent:  Rich's voice is best suited to natural, friendly, honest and reassuring reads but has the versatility to voice upbeat, energetic, car sales, club reads and inspirational college/universities adverts. His voice age is 20 to 35 and he can voice in neutral RP or with a slight Northern/Midlands accent


Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
On-Hold Demo
Promo-Imaging Demo
Accent Demo


Studio:  Rich has a fully equipped professional home studio and can record sessions via ISDN, Source Connect and Skype, as well as turn around MP3s the same day.



Rich has a fantastic voice, and great read, what I get back from him makes my job easier. His reads are on point, the variety of takes and alts are fantastic, he is a true professional. And I think he’s one of the few guys that actually reads the direction I give because I always get back exactly what I need.

Arabian Radio Network in Dubai



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Gayanne is an experienced and highly versatile voice artist.  Extremely adaptable and easy to direct.  she is a native Scot but also works in neutral English and regional accents seamlessly.  Her voice is naturally warm, friendly, trustworthy and informative.  She has voiced thousands of TV and Radio commercials as well as characters for cartoons and computer games.  She also has exceptional natural narration skills and voices e-learning and documentaries regularly and is the on hold voice for many large companies including TSB, Apple

Voice & Accent: Gayanne is a native Scot but also works in neutral English and regional accents seamlessly.  Her voice is naturally warm, friendly, trustworthy and informative.  She has voiced thousands of TV and Radio commercials as well as characters for cartoons and computer games.  She also has exceptional natural narration skills and voices e-learning and documentaries. Gayanne is the Voice of God for ITN, the Station Voice of LBC and Heart Scotland and is a Senior Voice Artist for the BBC.  A trained actress and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music she has the uncanny ability to sound from 19 to 90 and can be heard regularly in dramas for Radio 4.

Commercial Demo 
Scottish Commercial Demo
E-Learning Demo
Animation Demo
Gaming Demo
Promo Demo
On Hold Demo
Station Imagining Demo

Clients: ITN, ITV, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 7, L’Oreal, Virgin, Mercedes, Argento, Vodaphone, Stenaline, Volkswagen, Pandora, Boots, Porsche, CITV, BBC Bitesize, Peppa Pig World, Optical Express, Haven, TSB, Capital One, Scottish Water, Panasonic, Londis, Ministry of Sound, ITN, ITV, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 7, L’Oreal, Virgin, Mercedes, Argento, Vodaphone, Stenaline, Volkswagen, Pandora, Boots, Porsche, CITV, BBC Bitesize, Peppa Pig World, Optical Express, Haven, TSB, Capital One, Scottish Water, Panasonic, Londis, Ministry of Sound.

Studio: Gayanne works from her professional ISDN home studio


Cube has employed Gayanne on a wide variety of voice over projects over the years and we have never failed to be impressed – not only by her enormous talent and versatility both as a straight VO and a character voice, but also by the energy, professionalism and good humour she brings to every recording session.

Sid Petit – Cube Productions 

Gayanne Potter is, without a doubt, the most talented female voice over artist I know. She always gives 100% and never fails to amaze both the creative team and the clients.

- Martin Maclennan - Creative Producer, Bauer Radio.

Working with the very brilliant Gayanne over the years has been nothing but a pleasure. She is the consummate professional. Versatile, gutsy and the best of craic! We just keep coming back for more.

- Larry McGarry - Exec Creative Director, Ardmore Advertising

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Emma H

In 2006, Emma was asked to voice the announcements for London Buses’ new onboard announcement system, iBus.  11 years and more than 60,000 announcements later, it’s fair to say that this job has completely changed the direction of Emma’s career – and she’s certainly not complaining!

Having trained as a dancer and spent several years dancing her way around the world, when her knees faltered Emma had a lasting ambition she wished to fulfill, to become a television presenter.  En route to becoming a TV weather presenter, Emma found and fell in love with radio, presenting breakfast shows for Cardiff’s Red Dragon FM and London’s Capital Gold along the way.   But it was the impact of the work for London Buses that turned voice-overs into a business and a passion.

Working primarily from her home studio in the heart of Teesdale, Emma voices for clients from around the world, working not only on transport announcements but also on commercials, e-learning projects, explainer videos, phone systems and more. 

Voice & Accent: Emma’s voice is accentless and clear, a little bit upmarket without being in the slightest bit plummy! Equally aspirational and accessible, but with depth and richness – hence being described as a ‘cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife’.  Her clarity makes her ideal for audiences where English is not the first language, which is no doubt why she works for numerous overseas clients, and on internationally-targeted e-learning projects. 

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Clients: Emma’s clients include Transport for London’s Buses, Overground Trains and Riverbus systems and TfL radio advertising, Go North East’s buses, Amazon Fire TV, BP, Stanstead Airport, DLA Piper, Boehringer Ingelheim, Unilever, Anglia Examinations and Skype.

Studio: Microphone – Neumann TLM 106, Pre-amp – Audient ID22, Editing software – Adobe Audition 3, ISDN, Source Connect, Skype.



We’ve worked with Emma for more years than we care to remember! Emma is a versatile voice who has an amazingly high level of accuracy on the trickiest of scripts.

Fast, very professional and extremely easy to work with

Emma is awesome. I have used her several times for our corporate videos. She’s fast, accurate, and easy to work with. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Emma’s voice recalls a cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife!

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Stephen L

Stephen was born in London to Yorkshire parents, was brought up in North Wales, educated in Surrey and has lived in South Wales for over 40 years.  He worked as an actor for eight years before becoming a voice-over in 1980.  He has worked extensively in all fields of voice work for thirty-seven years - voicing in excess of 90,000 radio commercials, many hundreds of TV commercials and thousands of narrations for Corporate presentations and training programmes. Stephen is a highly experienced and professional voice, good at taking direction but also fun to work with.

Stephen’s voice trained doctors and nurses across the USA for ten years.  He is the voice of a London rock producer in a Seattle museum and the voice of Captain Smith of the Titanic in another in Missouri.  He has been the voice of Talking Telescopes around the UK and of Talking Lampposts in Brighton.  He once mimicked Prince Charles, knowing he was going to hear it and was not sent to the Tower.

He is a skilled script adaptor, having prepared many UK Government White and Green Papers for recording for use by the blind.  He has also adapted a presentation for Microsoft for UK usage.  Stephen has designed the lip-synch script for over a hundred foreign films and TV episodes.

He is the official biographer of Gareth Hughes, the first Welsh Film Star, for which his research work has been recognised by the British Library and the National Library of Wales. he is also a World War One historian.

Voice & Accent:  He has a warm, deep, friendly voice but is capable of a wide range of styles, pitches, characters, moods and impressions as well as a wide range of International and homegrown accents.  He is more the cosmopolitan Brit than the Lord of the Manor.


Commerical Demo
Narration Demo
IVR Demo


Clients:  Stephen voiced the wordwide TV and cinema campaign for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Video Game and has also voiced packages for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. He also voiced the wizard on Lord of The Rings web videos for Lego.  At Christmas, Stephen is one of the busiest radio Father Christmases in the UK, also recording phone-ins with children.  He has provided many voices for animation and puppet programmes. In the 1980’s he voiced the lead in 78 episodes of Telecat for Disney and The Children’s Channel.  Recently Stephen has voiced many videos for World of Warships and World of Tanks. Major clients of the last few years include Cobra Beer, Go Daddy, Chessington World of Adventures and as the voice for all Avis Car Rental’s UK phone systems.

Studio: His Home Studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM 170 microphone, a Mackie Onyx sound desk and Adobe Audition recording software. In addition to the ability to provide quality audio via download from his server, Stephen is equipped to voice live sessions via ISDN, Source Connect and iPDTL and can be directed via Skype if required.

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