Mark R has been busy recording a TV Commercial for website hosting company Wix

The campaign revolves around soccer star Sergio Agüero creating his own website using the website building platform offered by

Mark's ads are playing across UK TV with a 30" and a 10" commercial at the moment, as well as 3 x 60" pre-roll adverts for You Tube and their own websites. 

Mark is a popular highly professional voice over artist in the GBV team, having voiced many TV Commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries with literally thousands of hours of live TV and radio under his belt.

Why not take a listen to his varied demo reels on his bio page HERE. then call Jane at Great British Voices for a fast turnaround service on 01753 439 289


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Whilst Edie’s natural voice is quite deep, she’s able to sound younger and gives a convincing read as a boy. She offer a natural delivery with a bit of quirkiness.


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Philip K

Sophisticated, positive, mid-toned with gravitas.  Neutral/RP English accent.

Philip’s colleagues would say he is more memorably known for his Chewbacca impersonation, (only because you don’t expect it) than his intelligent corporate style delivery.

Phil’s jolly demeanour and passion for voice over make him a pleasure to work with.  His loyalty to the craft and the people he works with is genuine.  He talks the talk and walks the walk, and nothing makes him happier than uniting and motivating people with infectious enthusiasm.

Phil has worked for many brands around the globe but his favourite legacy to date is volunteering for an American not-for-profit company narrating the whole cast of the original Star Wars (yes, including Vader, Yoda & Jabba the Hutt) for children with dyslexia, blindness and visual impairments.

Age of voice 40/50

Accents RP, Midlands, North England, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, French, Italian, Eastern European, Australian.

Characters Most Archetypes / stereotypes / Star Wars Characters / Dwarves / Goblins / Undead  /Elves /Knights / WizardsGame of Throne style caricatures / Robots.

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Audiobook Demo


Learning Ally (Audiobooks for Blind/dyslectic children), Himoinsin (Spanish Energy), Kallidus (London Underground and other brands), PHMedia Group (worlds leading audio branding agency)

Studio Details

Acoustically treated recording booth, SeElectronic Condenser Microphone, 2I2 Focusrite Pre amp, Reaper DAW


The voice of voices! What can I say about Philip other than he has hit a homerun  narrating Star Wars Return of the Jedi for the National Non Profit I work for in the U.S.A Learning Ally formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.  His ability to do character voices is second to none and his willingness to do more is impeccable!  So if you are looking for a wonderful voice and a great guy you have found him!   Thank YOU Philip from all of us at Learning Ally!

Michael J. Kinsey, Voice Over Community Leader

I contacted Philip because I needed a British deep male voice to record a video for a Spanish client.  He was perfect for the project! Not only because of his great voice.  He's very friendly and with great attention to detail.  Fast and efficient.  A fantastic person to work with

Vicky Tessio, VO Artist

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Kirsten H

Uplifting, fun, young, and vivacious, but also warm, believable, calm and smooth as silk.  Kirsten is flexible and can do many styles from playful and sexy, to news reader, formal, interview, documentary, and also sales and marketing.  She's done a lot of educational and explaining videos, e-courses and narration for audio books.  Her voice sells luxury holidays like hot cakes!

Age of voice Young woman

Natural accent Neutral/RP British

Accents Soft Scottish and Irish

Characters mum, girl next door, modern young woman, female in video game, voice in dance track, artificial intelligence, princess (audiobook), little girl (audiobook), wildlife presenter, newsreader.


Rhode Professional mic, Adobe Audition for post production, and record in my own studio

Corporate Demo

Commercial Sample - Kuoni

Corporate Sample - Wormald Homes

News Demo

Presenting/Podcast Demo

Health/Relaxation Demo

Wildlife Documentary 


Kuoni, Hugo Boss, Prudential, The Open University, Hewlett Packard, The BBC, Three Counties radio,  Nirvana Holidays, Water’s Edge Real Estate, Fibaro, Prismashield, Chef Ainsley Harriet, Wormald Homes Real Estate, Bepanthenol, Solatube, NHS, Molfix, Kodak, Audible, The First Post, Sea Watch Foundation, The Mahout Foundation, Anxiety UK, The National Trust, British Red Cross, Barnardos, PETA, Media Trust, Adopt a Dolphin, BBC, The Community Channel, Sky Sports, ITV, Turkish TV


Truly professional voice actress, recording was ready after 1 day!”

“Excellent. This is precisely what we wanted.”

“Thank you for giving the character a voice! And doing it in such a quick turnaround time. “

“Wow! I could not be more impressed! Fluid, evocative, full of verve. Excellent work! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for a great job and for working with me on the minor revisions! I will happily use THIS voice artist again!”

“You worked really fast and met the specifications perfectly! Thank you so much!”

“Excellent to work together. Anytime again! Very professional and fast!”

“She was great. We had an extremely tight deadline and she came through for us. Would definitely hire again.”

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Penny is a versatile and hugely experienced voiceover artist offering anything from a young, natural 'girl next door read' to an RP corporate straight delivery.  She has a great home studio and can offer a speedy turnaround.

Penny trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama and cartoon and character work is also one of her fortes.  Penny is a regular narrator for Audible and for, she voices weekly news for CoverTV, and commercial clients include BMW, Ford, WeightWatchers, Whiskers, Facebook and Visa.  Penny has just finished a radio drama series " Extraordinary Tales", and has dubbed numerous films and television series. 


Audio technica 4033a Mac, Focusrite Saffire Interface, Adobe Audition Software. Client can Skype into studio, (and soon through source connect!)

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Audiobook Demo

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Accents include... English- North West (Liverpool, Manchester), London (Cockney), South West (Cornish, West Country) & RP.  French (Parisienne) German, Irish (Dublin), Italian American, New Zealand, General American, Scottish (Glaswegian) &, Welsh. 


Logic Pro, Rhode Mic, Apogee Mic and excellent recording booth. 


World Vision, Frico Cheese, Bridge Street, Tony Riches, Narayana games, Active IQ. 

Commercial Demo

Narrative Demo

Character Demo


Very good work, just like the last time we hired Frazer, he's a real pleasure to work with!  

-Jashan Chittesh, Holodance Dragon Apastarr, Part 2

Amazing job Frazer! 5 ++ STARS. 

-Steven Wiseman, Web Video

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Dylan is a British actor who has played lead roles in multiple award-winning films.  Known for his versatility, Dylan is equally adept at playing malevolent villains or inspiring protagonists - often in difficult or challenging roles.  Dylan's passion and talent for acting developed from an early age.

Dylan went into professional voice over work in 2008 having done numerous corporate and dramatic jobs in front of the microphone during his acting years... He has recorded commercial adverts & voiceovers for Nokia, Savannah Cider, Nintendo etc, as well as various corporate videos.  Dylan has a vocal age of 35-50 and speaks naturally with a softened well spoken North East accent.  He is a native of the North East so he can also speak in his local accent to a native standard. 

Dylan is a experienced character actor and has a broad range of voices ranging from intense British characters to softly spoken Eastern Europeans.  He is particularly suited to dramatic deep delivery as well as a friendly man on the street.  Dylan’s straight read style is intense and warm.  He speaks with clarity and intelligence and is at home with complex and technically demanding material. 

Voice Description Clear, Friendly, Natural, Commercial, Gravitas, Cool, Dark, Smooth, Soft

Voice Age 35 -50

Accents Native North East/ Geordie/Modern RP, London/Cockney, Northern, Yorkshire, General American & English Russian/Eastern European 



  • Se Electronics Reflection Filter pro & pop shield.
  • Neumann TLM102 Studioset or Rode NT Microphones 
  • Focusrite Saffire 6 Pre-amp
  • IMac Pro, Logic Pro X and Final Cut X for editing


Savannah Cider, Nokia, BBC, ITV, Warburtons, Grimeboss, Ministry of defense, Tekkie.


“Dylan has supplied me with various voice overs for websites I design that require extra media content, he is a true professional, has a excellent understanding of the material Presented, he's intelligent and a lovely pleasant guy to work with, Dylan always produces a high end product which all my clients are always happy with.”
-Dennis Dicker, Creative Director, Tekkie Website Design

"Dylan is incredibly calm, hard working and exceptionally passionate about the roles he tackles. He seeks to understand all facets of a character with care and consideration, whilst graciously offering his own insight and thoughts, both in rehearsal and on-set. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dylan, and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again."
-Matt Stokes, Director, Objects to see Further


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Paul R

Paul is a trained, experienced professional actor, a commercial radio presenter, and a trained singer, which means he has a very wide range of voices and styles.

He's very well-equipped for voice-over work – not only achieving just the right feel for a read, but also getting the meaning of the writer’s carefully crafted words across to the listener.  He's been fascinated by voices for many years, which led to his career as a professional performer.  He spent a lot of time in New Zealand but is now happy settled in the Cumbrian countryside.  Paul is equally at home with his native English RP, and accents from the UK and around the world – which of course includes New Zealand and Australia.

Paul trained at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, in London.  In England, he acted in theatre, panto and with touring companies – and began his voice-over career.  And then in New Zealand it was theatre; television, including a year in a soap, and a spell on Candid Camera.  He acted in over 100 radio plays, and also spent several years as an award-winning commercial-radio presenter.  During this time Paul appeared in a lot of commercials, and voiced thousands of radio and TV ads – corporate; close-mic sexy reads; retail; hard sell; lip-syncing to replace the voice on another actor/presenter’s work; a wide array of character voices, accents… and some impersonations, too. 

Vocal Range from 30s to 80s.  Paul covers a wide range of styles, accents and ages.

Accents Geordie (Tyneside), Yorkshire, Lancashire, Brummy, London, West Country, various Scottish, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Welsh, Scouse, French, German, Italian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and various USA accents.

Natural accents Yorkshire, and Tyneside.

Characters  He can get close to just about any sort of voice or character.  Old, young, rough, tough, soft, sweet, smooth.  Heroes, baddies, Santa, Kermit, old wizards, army types, pirates, cowboys, cowgirls – well, maybe not so good at cowgirls… and so on.


Mic – Rode NT1-A; Audio interface – Focusrite Scarlett 2i2; Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT-770; Roland and Fender amplifiers and speakers; My studio has been soundproofed and treated, and an SE Electronics Space Reflexion Filter if I feel the need.  Reaper 5.25.

Commerial Demo

Narration Demo

Promo Demo

British & Irish Demo


“I have worked with Paul for a number of years at Radio i98FM, in Auckland, New Zealand. Of all the announcers and professional voice artists that I have had the pleasure of working with, Paul is by far the best. His versatile voice and range make him first choice for most production work, particularly when a particular style of read, or character voice is required. Paul is just as good at straight voice-over work. He has a natural ability to infer the sense and meaning of the words, rather than just to ‘read’ them. Not only is he a great talent, but he is a gentleman and a truly nice guy. A lot of fun to work with! I cannot recommend Paul highly enough for any recording/voice-over work.”
Brian Falkner (Creative Head)

“I’ve employed Paul many times to voice commercials for BBC World Service New Zealand. Paul’s voice quality and tone are simply superb. His interpretation of scripts and the resulting delivery have always been spot on. All voices are unique – however Paul is blessed with both talent and a wonderful resonance – an asset, I feel, to any brand.”
Deborah Stanaway (BBC World Service)

“I started booking Paul when I was too young to know any better. Which did my prospects for promotion no harm at all, as back at the Agency I was given the credit for his ideas and suggestions. What I liked most about working with Paul was that when I thought, he’d delivered ‘the take’, I’d say “I’ll play that one back to you.” He’d listen, a study of concentration, and reply, “Do you mind if I do one more?” The next read was invariably magic. So if your script could use a little of that, best see what Mr Robinson can conjure up for you.”
Andrew Sadlier (Creative Director of JWT)

“As a TV/radio commercials producer in New Zealand – both noted metropolitan commercial radio station and major advertising agency, it has been my pleasure to have worked with Paul Robinson over a number of years when he voiced countless commercials for me. Paul is a consummate voice artist: talented, versatile and thoroughly professional, not only for straight reads but also able to adopt a bewildering number of character voices thanks to his professional acting talents. Studio costs were kept to a minimum as, invariably, Paul did it in one take – despite my somewhat pedantic quest for a ‘perfect’ read to my satisfaction. Not only that, but Paul is a most talented actor and entertainer.”
Max Radcliffe (Advertising Creative Director)

“Paul Robinson has one of those voices that can always adapt to and enhance any project. Versatile, warm and inventive. Gravitas when you need it, a wide range of accents and comedy voices, and he can sing too! Highly recommended.”
Dezley Scott-Davidson (Senior writer, MediaWorks Radio New Zealand)

Paul is a true professional – always on time, incredibly patient, and works hard to get the read and delivery his producer needs. He’s a brilliant guy to work with, a huge talent.”                                                                                          John Bredican (Creative writer and director)

“I was the Sound Director at VIDCOM, and am now running my own company. Paul has been a regular voice artist that I’ve cast in many TV commercials. He offers a great range of delivery styles and tones, is easily directed (and he offers, when appropriate, input regarding scripting and timing to improve what we do). Working with him is a delight! He’s reliable, and he always makes himself available if a short-notice booking occurs. I highly recommend him.”
Mike Westgate (Sound director)

“We use Paul’s excellent voice over for our podcast channel. He delivers exactly what we need ahead of time – and his voice is wonderful. Totally professional, 100% reliable and awesome to work with. Thank you Paul!!”
Rob Plevin (Director – The Life Raft)

Clients - Shell, Qantas, Gillette, Land Rover, Brooke Bond PG Tips, Black and Decker, Cadbury, Timex, Panasonic, Frigidaire, DeLonghi, KFC, Dunlop, Suzuki, Anchor Dairy Products, Colman’s Mustard, Tissot, Red Door, Top Model.

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Sam trained at Arts Educational Schools, London and graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Acting in 2004. He then spent 10 years as an actor on stage and screen.  During this time Sam co-founded Iron Lion Theatre Company in North London; winning critical acclaim for a revival of the classic satire Out At Sea and his self-penned one-man-show, Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues.  Sam also starred in the award winning film Lush Town, reprising his role in two sequels. 

Sam went full time into professional voice over work in 2014 having done numerous corporate and dramatic jobs in front of the microphone during his acting years... it has been a varied career so far.  Sam has recorded many audiobooks for Audible and Dreamscape, performs for Eipix video games and stars as the voice of the title character in the multiple award winning adult cartoon Future Duck.  Sam’s audiobooks are recorded from his own purpose built home studio as are an array of e-learning and corporate narrations.

Continuous professional development has been a cornerstone of Sam’s career since the beginning.  He is a proud member of The Voice Over Network and is privileged to work regularly with some of the industry’s top coaches from all over the world in a never-ending quest to make the next recording his best. 

Sam has a vocal age of 30-40 and speaks naturally with a southern tinged RP accent.  He is a native of South London so can also speak in his local accent to a native standard. 

Sam is a well trained and experienced character actor and has a broad range of voices ranging from serious British characters to wacky American sounds.  He is particularly suited to high energy animations and video games. 

Sam’s straight read style is engaging and warm. He speaks with clarity and intelligence and is at home with complex and technically demanding material. 

Accents - Modern RP, Upper and middle class RP variations, South London/Cockney, General American & Tennessee American

Studio - Sam’s studio features a purpose-built recording booth. Technical equipment includes:

  • Aston Origin or Rode NT1/A microphone
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Pre-amp
  • 2015 Mac Mini 
  • Adobe Audtion, PreSonus Studio One or Logic Pro X for editing

Corporate Demo

Audiobook Demo

Dry E-Learning Demo

Animation Demo

Gaming Demo

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Karen A

Karen is a professionally trained Voiceover Artist and Actress with a BA Hons Degree in Theatre Acting from Bretton Hall University.  Working from her own home studio, Karen has provided VO Services to clients both from the UK and abroad, including the USA, Hungary, Israel and New Zealand. 

Her voice has been described as precise, informative, warm and trustworthy, perfect for those occasions when you need a clean, neutral British accent.  Born in West Yorkshire, she can also add a superb ‘northern’ twist for those clients wanting something a little more regional. 

Karen has been engaged in a diverse range of Voiceover work, including narration for product animations; ‘Parenting Hacks’ sponsored by Sudocrem, and online charity campaign ‘The Big Iftar’.  Online web advertisements include ‘The Spa at the Midland Hotel’, her character work includes podcasts for The Makor Hebrew Foundation, narration for computer programmes ‘how to’ videos, including Cora Systems and Swiftqueue, and Daylong Compression Hosiery.   She is also the voice of ‘Yboo’, a brand new mobile phone application about to be launched in the UK very soon.  Telephone IVR systems include Structured Communications and South.  She is especially suitable for narration for e-learning; previous work has included training programmes for Al Futtaim and Treasure House. 

Karen prides herself on her excellent quality service and delivery, and a really fast turn-around.  


Karen is an amazing artist who combines skill and emotion with raw talent to produce a BBC-quality voiceover with incredibly fast turnaround time’ - Nehemia Gordon, Makor Hebrew Foundation 

‘Thanks for the great voiceover work, highly recommended! 5*’ - Mark Ling, NZ 

‘Really fast and professional. Absolutely recommended!' - SRM Med 

‘110% as normal. Perfect voice actor’ - South (IVR) 

‘She is accurate and reliable. She keeps the deadline. I will work with her in the future.’ - Csongor Simsay, Hungary 

Voice age: late 20’s to 40’s 

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Character Demo

Documentary Demo

IVR Demo

Yorkshire Accent Demo

Montage Demo


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