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Age: 17

Voice Age : 16-19

Style:  Neutral Rp, Commercial Voice 




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Tanya B

Tanya is a professional, 7 year long established voice over artist.  Hard work and dedication has built up clients worldwide covering many reknowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pandora Jewellery, Vogue, Jaguar Vodafone and the list goes on... recently Tanya has seen the release of Ancient Frontier, a video game where she plays one of the lead characters, 'tough cookie' Commander Tara, "grrrrrrr".   Tanya also works  as a presenter on request and also covers news casts. 

Voice & Accent:  Tanya's voice has an air of sophistication with velvety tones but also has the versatility to be able to produce character voices too.  She has a voice that can adapt to many genres of professional VO and with regularity switches between commercial, corporate and character work.

Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo 2 
Corporate Demo
Animation Demo
Music Promo Demo

Clients: Ralph Lauren, Vogue, John Freida, Vero Moda, Google, Pandora, Curvissa, Vodafone, Puma, Yonex, American Express, Weight Watchers, Jaguar, Landrover and many more besides...

Studio:  ISDN Studio, professional sound booth, IMAC desktop systems, Rhode NT Mics, Focusrite 2i2.  Coming soon conference calling!

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Nicki M

Nicki is a young, fresh voiceover with a natural, down to earth style. She’s very experienced at voicing radio and TV adverts and is the current stand in station voice for Radio X.  She also voices a lot of corporate videos and on hold messages. Producers love Nicki for her natural, youthful sound and her ability to take direction well.

Voice & Accent:  Nicki’s voice is great for natural teen reads, right through to 20’s-30’s. She has a Midlands accent that she can turn on or off, depending on the brief.  She’s great at character reads and can turn her voice to anything from young and chatty, to cool promo style.

Commercial Demo
Promotional Demo
On-Hold/IVR Demo


Clients:  Global Radio, Kalenji, Nakd Snack Bars, Fabletics, University of West London, The White Company, Adidas, Britain’s Next Top Model, Amazon, Yo Sushi, Birmingham City FC, Dora the Explorer: The Live Tour

Studio:  Pronto2 ISDN / Skype / SourceConnect Now / IpDTL connectivity/ Audio Technica AT4033a microphone


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Yvette is a short film and music video writer/director who enjoys voice work. She can sound clear and articulate for infomercials, or be soft sell and warm, or cool and relatable for commercials. Yvette can also be young and enthusiastic as girls/teenagers/young women or bring attitude and a range of pitch for TV docs.

Voice & Accent: Yvette has an neutural RP accent, with hints of soft Irish and London tones.  She has a wide vocal range and can voice pre-teen to 30's.  Her voice has been described as clear, assured, cool, young, soft and warm.

Commercial Demo
Tv Narration Demo


Clients:  Some of Yvette's clients include, Sony, Virgin & The Economist.

Studio:  Yvette is a member of  The Voice Republic, a studio subscription service for voiceover artists, where she has 24/7 studio access and can record your message quickly and efficiently with some the best equipment available.



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Blanche is a female Scottish Voiceover Artist living in London.  She is highly experienced in commercial, drama, and corporate voiceovers.

Voice & Accent:  Blanche’s voice is warm, husky and engaging. She has a neutral Scottish accent.  Her voice age spans from the early twenties to mid-thirties.

Commercial Demo 
Corporate Demo
Promo Demo 

Clients:  BBC, Scottish TV, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sky, Amazon, EE, Virgin Atlantic, KPMG, Royal Mail, Edinburgh Airport, T in The Park, Yorkshire Building Society, Vodafone, NatWest, Specsavers and Lidl (to name a few).

Studio:  Microphone – Rode NT1-A Condenser, Scarlett 2i2 preamp, Headphones, Software- Audacity,  MP3 or WAV files via email or WeTransfer.  Blanche also has access to an ISDN studio via IpDTL

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Alan is a London born voice-over artist, now living in Slovakia. After serving 12 years in the British military, he then entered the field of corporate hospitality.  In more recent years, Alan has worked around the world as a teacher of English. From a young age, he has been involved in the music industry as a singer, guitarist and lyricist.

Voice & Accent: Alan has a voice age of 40+.  He has a  London/neutral accent and can perform in Regional British/German/Australian/American/French accents too.  His voice has been described as a mature timbre that is a rich, deep baritone; believable, reliable and trustworthy.

Commercial Demo
Audiobook Demo
Documentary Demo
Character Demo
Tourism Demo
Drama Demo
Movie Promo Demo

Clients: Ford Motor Company, Jungheinrich, Siemens, Atos, PKF, Mitsubishi Carbide, Zenit, Bozpo, Bojnice Zoo, Kennametal, Seco Tools, Saargummi and many others.


Studio: His home studio contains, Peavey XR Studio mixer, New Rode NT1 Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett, Sony MDR dynamics, AFW Sound booth, Audition, Audacity

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Ben JM

Ben is a versatile voice-over artist and experienced live presenter and entertainer. With his warm, friendly and engaging tones, Ben is the perfect choice for a range of projects, having already voiced everything from audiobooks, TV promos, documentaries and commercials. 

Voice & Accent: Ben’s natural voice is Neutral RP.  He can also perform many character voices and has even voiced Santa.  

Commercial Demo
Tv Promo Demo
Continunity Announcer Demo
Audiobook Demo
Character Demo
Programme Intro Demo

Clients:  Ben's latest project was voicing for photography company Fisheye.

Studio: Ben has fast access to several professional studios.  

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Jacqueline started her career as a supporting artist working on many films and TV productions over several years.  She is friendly, professional and is skilfully able to capture your audience’s attention whether she be voicing an explainer video, e-Learning course, TV ad or IVR message.

Voice & Accent: Jacqueline is a native Londoner, with the ability to voice Cockney, posh and neutral RP.   She has voiced many IVR voice prompts, e-learning and business adverts such as BT Home Hub.  Her voice has been described as melodious, precise, clear with smooth and trustworthy and sonority. She has a voice range of 30 to 50 years.

Commercial Demo
E-Learning Demo
IVR Demo

Clients: BT Home Hub, Dental, Language Schools, Telekomm Solutions

Studio: Marantz professional microphone,  Recordpad pro,  WavPro, Switch software, file converters, sound proof booth, plus skype & work phone for client’s direction. 


Jacqueline has given each and every one of my clients a first-class service.  She is technically efficient with a fast turnaround.

- Telekomm Solutions   

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Tristian is a British male voice-over artist, actor and audio producer specialising in commercial, promo, e-learning, IVR, voicemail, film and TV narrations.  He is professional and versatile and his voice has been described as sounding similar to Tom Hiddleston and Roger Moore (depending on the age, style etc.).

Voice & Accent: Tristian has a naturally southern English accent and can convey voice-over narrations from ages 20 to 50.  Styles and delivery include warm, smooth, articulate, sophisticated, authentic, sincere, guy next door, authoritative, promo, corporate, educational and knowledgeable.

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

Clients: Tristian has also had many on-screen appearances, working for on various productions from the BBC, FOX, ABC and Sky.  He has previously been the voice of Euro cinema TV Channels international promo campaign.

Studio: Tristian has a professional acoustically treated home recording studio for clean, low noise, dry audio. Audio equipment includes sE Electronics se2200a mkii microphone, Audient ID22 audio interface, Mogami Gold Cables Interconnects and Adobe Audition CS6 software. 


Tristian did an amazing job with our voiceover.  He matched his tone of voice with the music and words perfectly the first time. He is professional, talented, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to using him again soon.

- Anna P. Eurocinema.

Good voice over.  Very fast and professional.

- Millennium Investment Banking.

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Rich has years of experience voicing all types of radio commercials for major networks such as UKRD and Bauer as well as the ARN Network in Dubai.  As well as radio commercials Rich also voices for corporate videos and on-hold messaging for large companies like PH Media.

Voice & Accent:  Rich's voice is best suited to natural, friendly, honest and reassuring reads but has the versatility to voice upbeat, energetic, car sales, club reads and inspirational college/universities adverts. His voice age is 20 to 35 and he can voice in neutral RP or with a slight Northern/Midlands accent


Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
On-Hold Demo
Promo-Imaging Demo
Accent Demo


Studio:  Rich has a fully equipped professional home studio and can record sessions via ISDN, Source Connect and Skype, as well as turn around MP3s the same day.



Rich has a fantastic voice, and great read, what I get back from him makes my job easier. His reads are on point, the variety of takes and alts are fantastic, he is a true professional. And I think he’s one of the few guys that actually reads the direction I give because I always get back exactly what I need.

Arabian Radio Network in Dubai



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