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Victoria is a British voice over artist based in Brighton. She’s been an audio describer on TV for several years. She’s  recorded many voice-overs for corporate and commercial use and performs regularly as a musical comedian. 

Voice & Accent:  Clear, friendly and fresh. She has a native British accent. Age range teenager to 40’s. 

Commercial Demo
Narrative Demo

Clients: Five, ITV, Discovery and various other TV channels. Eddsworld (online animation). Corporate/commercial clients include Betfair, Age UK, Taxi App, CRS Resources

Studio: Victoria works from her home studio which includes a rode condenser microphone and MacBook Pro, offering fast turnaround on all projects. 
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Steve R

Steve's the voice of major worldwide brands which include Sony and Goldman Sachs. You will have heard Steve’s familiar voice in cinemas, on television and radio commercials. He’s also voiced hundreds of corporate videos for companies such as PayPoint and London Stock Exchange. In sessions, Steve’s well known for being easy to work with and taking direction well.

Voice & Accent: Steve has a neutral accent with a contemporary, engaging, conversational and friendly tone.  His playing age is mid-20s to late 30s making his voice perfect for both commercial and corporate reads.

Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Elearning Demo
Showcase Demo

Clients: Sony, London Stock Exchange, BUPA, Cello TVs, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard.

Studio: Steve's home studio consists of Focusrite Pre-amp, Rode K2 microphone, Sound treated studio, Adobe Audition recording software

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Nicki M

Nicki is a young, fresh voiceover with a natural, down to earth style. She’s very experienced at voicing radio and TV adverts and is the current stand in station voice for Radio X.  She also voices a lot of corporate videos and on hold messages. Producers love Nicki for her natural, youthful sound and her ability to take direction well.

Voice & Accent:  Nicki’s voice is great for natural teen reads, right through to 20’s-30’s. She has a Midlands accent that she can turn on or off, depending on the brief.  She’s great at character reads and can turn her voice to anything from young and chatty, to cool promo style.

Commercial Demo
Promotional Demo
On-Hold/IVR Demo


Clients:  Global Radio, Kalenji, Nakd Snack Bars, Fabletics, University of West London, The White Company, Adidas, Britain’s Next Top Model, Amazon, Yo Sushi, Birmingham City FC, Dora the Explorer: The Live Tour

Studio:  Pronto2 ISDN / Skype / SourceConnect Now / IpDTL connectivity/ Audio Technica AT4033a microphone


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Spanish Female VO5

Spanish voiceover Aina, is an established and celebrated actress in Barcelona’s theatre scene, having received the distinguished  “Revelation Award” from the Theatre Critic’s Choice of Barcelona.

Voice & Accent: Aina can speak European Spanish, Catalan-Spanish and English, which is her first foreign language.  She has a voice age of 25 - 40 and her voice has been described as 'approachable, friendly, natural, formal, corporate, sexy, confident, melodious, sincere, young, mature, authentic, modern, happy, enthusiastic, bright, calm, 'Girl Next Door', dynamic, clear, engaging, warm, believable, optimistic, versatile, professional, intelligent and classy'.

Spanish Demo
Catalonian Demo
English Demo


Clients:  Aina's clients include: Delegation of Catalonia in the U.K and Ireland, Trade & Investment (Catalonia Government),  Catalan Tourist Board, National Theatre of Catalonia, Sala Beckett of Barcelona, World Travel Market-Generalitat de Catalunya.

Studio: Microphone: AKG 214, Audio Technica ATH-M50xWH Studio Monitor Professional Headphones, Scarlett 212 Focusrite, Pop filter, Mac Mini - i7 2.6Ghz 16GB ram, Pro tools 11, Audacity

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Yvette is a short film and music video writer/director who enjoys voice work. She can sound clear and articulate for infomercials, or be soft sell and warm, or cool and relatable for commercials. Yvette can also be young and enthusiastic as girls/teenagers/young women or bring attitude and a range of pitch for TV docs.

Voice & Accent: Yvette has an neutural RP accent, with hints of soft Irish and London tones.  She has a wide vocal range and can voice pre-teen to 30's.  Her voice has been described as clear, assured, cool, young, soft and warm.

Commercial Demo
Tv Narration Demo


Clients:  Some of Yvette's clients include, Sony, Virgin & The Economist.

Studio:  Yvette is a member of  The Voice Republic, a studio subscription service for voiceover artists, where she has 24/7 studio access and can record your message quickly and efficiently with some the best equipment available.



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German Female VO4

Sophie is a very passionate actor, voice actor and screenwriter based in Germany. 

Sophie's voice can be very flexible and vary from natural, sexy, soft, engaging, clear, funny, freaky towards comic characters or children. Her natural vocal range is comfortably between 20 to 35.  She has voiced the role of 'Carol' in the German version of the audio drama 'The Walking Dead.'  She can perform with either more of a German or English accent and speaks fluently in both languages. 

Sophie has voiced many corporate films,  Spotify Spots and commercials for clients such as NIKE, Google and UPS. She has also had ADR roles for the series, 'When Calls The Heart‘.  She works from her home studio in Germany which includes, Neumann T103, RME Babyface Interface, portable recording booth, Source Connect and Skype. 

Commercial Demo (English)
Commercial Demo (German)
Audiobook Demo (English)
Audio Drama Demo (German)
Character Demo (English)



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Meena is a professional voice-over talent who has spent a number of years singing, songwriting and performing.  Born and raised in the UK, Meena currently resides in Munich, Germany.  Her parents and teachers nurtured her love of singing and music and she loved attending acting and singing lessons, always knowing she wanted to use her voice.   Moving to London at 17 her first job was voicing adverts for an independent radio station.  Her love of being in the studio, performing on stage, singing and songwriting grew and over the years she released several independent productions.  Meena is an expert in her craft, having attended music technology classes and having written with professional producers and artists, performed live on stage and even set up her own record label.

Voice & Accent: With her extensive training in Classical Vocal Technique and her four-octave vocal range, Meena has the perfect combination to create a broad range of vocal performances.  She can effortlessly produce the right vocal tone and emotion to your voice over needs and as a talented singer, lyricist and rapper, she can create a unique twist to jingles and adverts too if need be.  Meena’s voice has been described as, warm, sultry, fun, fresh, peaceful, sexy, emotive, young/hip and has provided voice-overs for commercials, narrative-audio, corporate clients, documentaries and explainer videos. 


 Commercial Demo 1
Commercial Demo 2
Commercial Demo 3
Corporate Demo
Music/Lyrics Demo


Clients:  Meena's current premium clients include Siemens and Cisco. 

Studio: Together with her partner, who is an expert in voice-over production with 20 years of professional experience, they own a professional recording studio which is accessible 24/7 and can confidently produce high-quality work to your satisfaction.  For recording, Meena uses a Neumann U 87 AI microphone.  Her vocal booth and the control room are soundproof and acoustically treated to BBC studio standards. 

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Born in Yorkshire and raised in Newcastle, Dan has a natural northern tone to his voice which sounds friendly and conversational.

He has a large vocal range, which is warm, genuine and engaging, great for both corporate and commercial voice-overs.  He has the ability to sound authoritative for hard sales or educational material, has acted as a ‘Voice of God’ announcer on occasion and voiced for children’s productions.  

Dan can perform a huge range of characters, with various emotive dynamics and styles, from villain to old man to classically British. He can also voice Scottish, Southern, RP, General American and Russian.  Dan is also brilliant at world accented caricatures and animation voices.  He has a natural voice age of 20 to 30 years but is always up for the challenge to bring any character to life.

Dan was educated in Stage Theatre, Media and Arts at Newcastle College and University and has trained with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards within their professional voice over training program “Gravy for the Brain.”

Dan currently works from his professional home studio including, IPDTL, ISDN over ipDTL TEL, Skype and MP3/WAV Delivery and all his work is available for quick turnaround.

 Commercial Demo
Character Demo


Dan’s emotional connection to the script really brought my character to life. I’ve always loved the Geordie accent and he nailed the emotion perfectly.
Presentation, and connection with the audience on a natural authentic level, Dan can work the mic like a dream!
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Rich has years of experience voicing all types of radio commercials for major networks such as UKRD and Bauer as well as the ARN Network in Dubai.  As well as radio commercials Rich also voices for corporate videos and on-hold messaging for large companies like PH Media.

Voice & Accent:  Rich's voice is best suited to natural, friendly, honest and reassuring reads but has the versatility to voice upbeat, energetic, car sales, club reads and inspirational college/universities adverts. His voice age is 20 to 35 and he can voice in neutral RP or with a slight Northern/Midlands accent


Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
On-Hold Demo
Promo-Imaging Demo
Accent Demo


Studio:  Rich has a fully equipped professional home studio and can record sessions via ISDN, Source Connect and Skype, as well as turn around MP3s the same day.



Rich has a fantastic voice, and great read, what I get back from him makes my job easier. His reads are on point, the variety of takes and alts are fantastic, he is a true professional. And I think he’s one of the few guys that actually reads the direction I give because I always get back exactly what I need.

Arabian Radio Network in Dubai



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Alexander is a versatile and engaging character actor.  Born in Lancaster to Irish parents, he was educated in Nottingham before attending the University of Leeds where he earned a Masters in Medical Engineering, focusing on Biomechanics and motion.  He began acting professionally in 2013 and has since recorded a variety of audiobooks, commercials and e-learning course.   As a character actor, he can perform a wide variety of voices and yet, can also voice calm, deep and informative natural reads, well suited for e-learning material.  

Voice & Accent:  For neutral reads, Alexander has a voice age of 20 to 30.  His natural accent is slightly northern, he can also voice,  Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Yorkshire and RP. He can also voice characters from old wizard to magical creatures and even impersonate a Yogi Bear style dullard. 

Commercial Demo
Corporate/E-learning Demo
Gaming Demo
IVR Demo


Studio:  Alexander works from his home studio, typically on a H2N  Zoom and editing on Soundforge.



Alexander is a consummate professional. His scene was the last that I filmed on a very busy day. He remained patient throughout the day and was camera-ready when I needed him. Not only that, he was happy to make himself available for a pick-up when I needed some extra shots a day or two later. I would not hesitate in recommending Alexander for any future acting roles. 
-Simon Withington
It was a pleasure to work with Alexander. He is highly professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him!  
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