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Indian Male VO

Janak is an Indian voice over artist in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Gujarati and Marathi.  He has a warm, rich, deep base, smooth, pleasant, soft, compassionate, conversational, fun loving voice.

Vocal styles include: professional, authoritative, caring, quirky, bright, upbeat, spiritual and deep character voices.  

He has an immediate access to nearby studio and can deliver the finished product within hours.  Janak is an approved voice for Radio, Television and Films Division and lent his voice to all these media platforms.  He has been a theatre actor with reputed Theatre Group like ‘ANK’ at Prithvi Theatres, a well known Theatre platform in Mumbai, India.  He has done all kinds of characters ranging from tragedy to comedy.  He has lent his voice for various Commercials, Corporate films, Documentaries, E-Learning, Spots, Promos, Training, Business presentations, Audio books, Spiritual content, Live announcements, Dubbing voice for various characters in the movies etc.  He has also been a very prolific script writer in Bollywood.  He has written feature films like ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, ‘Bhai Bhai’ produced by present Indian film Censor Board Chairman Mr. Pahalaj Nihalani, ‘Rocky’, Directed by Suresh Krissna who directed legendary actor Rajnikant in films like ‘Basha’, ‘The Train’ starring Imran Hashmi, to name a few.  He has also acted in some of the movies.  Janak has been a Master of Ceremony for reputed corporate companies like Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited; Oil Conservation Programs and various other prestigious events etc. attended by dignitaries like Cabinet Ministers, Chief Minister, and Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly and top Bureaucrats and various other celebrities.  

He is also a professional Translator and Adapter from English to Hindi and vice versa and an Interpreter.  Recently, he has adapted one literary novel (fiction) from USA, titled ‘Coinman – An untold Conspiracy’ by Pawan Mishra in to Hindi (English version available on Amazon and Hindi soon to be published).  

He is presently based in Mumbai and has a home studio for fast delivery of your VO work.


Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra, Legosindia, Valuepoint kowledgeworks, Advikatranslations, Lune Spark L.L.C, Morrisville, NC, Deluxe Digital Studios, Oneinworld, Art Dig, Global Sight Reverie and many other reputed companies.

Hindi Demo

Marathi Demo

Punjabi Demo

Gujrati Demo

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Spanish Female VO 1

Vicky is a qualified Spanish Castilian (standard European Spanish) voiceover with a long professional career.  Her voice, amazingly versatile, can suit the appropriate read you´re looking for.  She has worked in some of the most important radio stations in Spain, like Radio Nacional de España RNE, Cadena SER or Canal Sur, where in addition she was the corporate voice of Canal Sur Uno-Fórmula Uno.

Vicky also specialises in character voices especially children's voices and is fluent in English so also offers a translation service.  She directed and presented Boca a Boca, a radio music programme on the air for more than seven years.  Likewise, it is worth mentioning her work as a producer, and as a voice actress for Canal Sur TV and other national channels.  Since 2004, she records as a freelance VO at her home studio for international companies and brands.

“I worked with Vicky for more than 10 years. Our company is specialised in audio recordings, mainly for museum audio guides, among other, we have done projects with the British Museum, Shakespeare Globe Theater, Moma, Metropolitan and much more. Those projects require a high level of professionalism, but also a high reliability to ensure the highest product quality as well as a very precise time delivery. Vicky has handled many of our projects at the highest level. She is very professional, and very precise on time. She has never been late, she is always positive, ready to help, manage easily with last minute changes when they occur and always think how to solve problems instead of complaining about them. I totally trust Vicky, when I send her our projects, I feel calm and confident, which is very important in our profession”

-Thierry Wieder, VP Localization, Elrom Perfect Voices

"Vicky has a professional voice full of nuances. Her versatility to adopt different vocal ranges depending on the project in which she participates is complete "

-Alain Uceda . Brand and Corporate Communication

"Besides having one of the best warm voices in Spanish , Vicky is also capable of cooking high quality radio programs"

-Roberto Loya, former Vice-principal of Culture Department at Radio Nacional de España RNE



Child Voice Demo

Commercial Demo

E-Learning Demo

IVR Demo


English Demo

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Spanish Female VO 2

Ingrid speaks Castillian Spanish and works from her home studio in Malaga, but also voices with a Catalan accent and is fluent in English, Italian and German.

Ingrid also offers a translation service to clients from English to Spanish and vice versa.

She specialises in Corporate Video work, Documentaries, E-Learning and Video Game Voices. Funny, happy and hardworking. Clients include Ford, Philadelphia, BMW, IBM, Assasins Creed & Nivea.


Children's Voice Demo

English Advert Sample

Documentary Demo

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Hannah SJ

Hannah’s voice career began as a presenter on BBC Three Counties Radio, first on the Breakfast Show, then Drivetime, at which time she also did her first voice-overs - as the voice of British Gas online training, a job which continued for a decade. Three years as a BBC continuity announcer followed, on BBC One and Two, before leaving to go freelance as a TV/radio presenter and voiceover artist in 2001.  But Hannah continues to be an announcer - after 4 years on BBC Four, since 2006, she’s been heard globally by 85 million viewers as the voice of BBC World News.

Voice & Accent: Hannah’s voice has been described as trustworthy, natural, conversational, friendly, calm, authoritative, encouraging, warm, engaging, upbeat.


Clients: She’s voiced anything from online infomercials for Clearblue ovulation/pregnancy testing kits, training films for the MOD and NHS Choices, e-learning for Philips and JLL Property, charity films, on-hold messages, and in-flight announcements for Etihad airlines, to national commercial campaigns for clients such as Bravissimo, and 118118.  And as well as presenting and narrating 4 factual series for ITV1, she’s also narrated a series about Vicars Wives, and, most recently, Heir we go Again, about the newest royal baby Princess Charlotte, a programme sold around the world.

Studio: Hannah works from an ISDN studio at home, but lives within easy reach of London, so can easily attend recording sessions there.


Hannah was professional, helpful and enthusiastic from start to finish. She met every deadline we set and we were very impressed with the quality of work she delivered.

-SuperKrush Films

Hannah has been able to deliver the reassuring, professional and authoritative voice that we needed to help the MOD serve military families more effectively. She’s always been flexible in working to tight deadlines, manages to deliver exactly what we need on time, and we always enjoy working with her.

-Stuart Campbell, Director & Film Maker, Bareska Films

Hannah was great to work with - very professional, and very quick despite us throwing a tricky lip-syncing session at her.

-Lucy Watts, Producer, Space City

Hannah exudes calm authority and is blessed with a unique ability to enthuse and excite an audience without trivialising the subject matter.

-Neil Caldicott, Head of Presentation, BBC World

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Egyptian Male VO

Mohamed is professional Arabic voice over and has great experience in this field and has worked with some of the largest advertising agencies in Egypt and around the world.

Mohamed has a strong voice, which is flexible to fit all forms of business and VO projects.

Voice Age 30yrs. Arabic standard with or without Egyptian accent and fluent English.

Arabic Demo

Egyptian Accent Demo

Arabic Promo/TV Demo

Arabic Movie Demo

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American Male VO 1

Mark is based in Tokyo, Japan, where he performs voice over from his home studio or at full service studios in Tokyo.

He also writes for his own blog about Japan, is an experienced cartoonist, and was a radio on-air personality heard in over 60 cities in the US.  North American English - nuanced, distinctive, trailer, gravelly, gritty & rough.

Trailers Demo

Commercial Demo

Clients TV Commercials – Destiny video game 2014 (Japan); Bridgestone Potenza tires 2010 - 2012 (Worldwide); Sony Bravia Monolithic TV 2010 (Worldwide); Canon corporate (Worldwide); Toyota (Middle East); Kirin beer (Japan); Skechers Shoes (Japan); Yamaha Motorcycles (Vietnam) ... Corporate – Sony, Coca Cola, Olympus, NEC, Fujitsu, Casio, L'oreal, TDK, Japan Airlines ... and hundreds more! Documentary – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency-JAXA ("The Future of Hope - Kibo Prologue to the Future"); NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation ("A Message For Future Generations"; "The Human Brain and Mind"; "Quetzal: Bird of Guatemala") ... Trailer & Game – "SEGA Kingdom Conquest 5th Season"; "SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary"; "Destiny" trailer; "Romeo & Juliet" trailer; Space Invaders 30th Anniversary soundtrack narrative; Exile Japan promo videos...

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Japanese Male VO

Japanese Male VO Kosukue speaks English and has a home studio for fast delivery of your VO work anywhere in the world.

Japanese movie trailer voices, animation character voices, juvenile voices, Japanese-accented English, and other voice styles are available upon request.


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Japanese Male VO

Japanese Male VO Tsutomu has a home studio for fast delivery of VO work around the world. Japanese movie trailer voices, animation character voices, juvenile voices, Japanese-accented English, and other voice styles are available upon request.


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Japanese Female VO

Yoshie is a Japanese female VO artist with a home studio for fast delivery around the world and speaks fluent English.  

Japanese movie trailer voice, animation character voices, juvenile voices, Japanese-accented English, and other voice styles are available upon request.


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Aaron is a full-time voiceover with his own studio.  

Voice & Accent:  Aaron's voice has been described as bright, upbeat and refreshing.  A northern Irish accent possessing charm and charisma.  He has a voice age of 25 to 45. 


Commercial Demo


Clients:   Sky TV, ITV, BBC as well as many individual brands.

Studio:  Aaron can record mp3 and wav and send via email and uses ipdtl and source connect.  

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