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Ian C

Ian is a popular choice to voice corporate films, video games, documentaries, e-Learning, award shows, apps and TV/radio commercials with great versatility.  

Voice & Accent:  Ian's voice combines a friendly, warm R.P. accent (and a native Yorkshire when useful) with a commanding, mature fortyish gravitas when needed, using a wide array of energetic accents and dialects for all tones (American N.Y and southern states, Russian, French etc).   His international profile is also boosted by his trained language facility with spoken Italian, French, and German. His voice is ideal for projects from nurturing, supportive inductions, quirky 'boffinish' explainer films, through clear instructional learning, into those powerful and emotive corporate rallying calls.

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 Clients: Ian already represents 200+ clients in 20+ countries, including name brands such as HSBC's sports sponsorship corporates, MERCEDES-BENZ, RICOH, ADIDAS, NESTLE, IBM, HITACHI, ROLLS-ROYCE, JAGUAR, BARCLAYS, COCA-COLA and many more. 

Studio: Ian has his my own fully sound-proofed home studio; Shure SM7B mic walled in with top-quality foam insulation (multi-layered 50mm Rockwool) and GK Acoustic 6ft paneling surrounding the mic area and linked to a Focusrite 2i2 interface. He is happy to dial-in via Skype for clients to direct as he records. 

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