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Adrian has been a Voiceover Artist for several years.  His honeyed and versatile voice has been most frequently used to explain a whole host of educational materials, often for complex subjects.  Conveying a sense of trust and sincerity while keeping the listener engaged over a long period is something Adrian is particularly good at.

With a variety of satisfied high-profile clients (including Virgin Experiences and NetJets) Adrian’s clear, neutrally-accented but very alluring voice has found him in demand for all kinds of projects.  Whether describing the intricacies of an aircraft gearbox to engineers or guiding students through the very basics of computer use, Adrian can instil a sense of confidence and warmth in your project with a voice that keeps your audience listening.  In addition to selling and explaining, Adrian’s voice is a fantastic choice if you need to tell a story.  After years of practice, Adrian knows how to get the most out of a text and doesn’t need extensive rehearsals allowing his voice to bring depth and charisma (and quite a lot of characterisations, if needed) to the recording while keeping studio time to a minimum.  


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Clients: Google (for Tom Baker Creative), Able Systems (for Inspired Film & Video), GroceryAid (for Minamon Films), Allen Young Shirts (for MHM Productions), Maxi-Cosi (for Iris Worldwide), Misys (for Brave Spark), Virgin Experiences, Netjets (for Kartoffel Films), RobustIT (2014 - present)

Studio:  Working from a well-equipped, sound-deadened home studio based in London, Adrian’s technical prowess means he is able to create high-quality recordings very quickly.  Coupled with his very well-developed sight reading abilities, you can be sure that your completed recording will be delivered to you on schedule every time. Alternatively, all of the capital’s studios are little more than an arm’s reach away from him, if you’d prefer to use your own facilities.

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