Kids Voices

Tiny British Voices is another string to the Great British Voices brand and is looked after by Joanne Lamb, one of our professional voiceovers and mother of two voice over children.  She had the idea to set up her own casting site for kids ( to make sure they were looked after and treated fairly within the industry.  Not only does she help clients find the right child voice for their project, she also helps the children learn more about the industry, organising vocal coaching, audio engineering lessons and demo production.  On a more serious note, she works closely with parents/local councils to ensure the children are fully licensed to work from their own home studios.  Our children are also able to travel for VO work and can carry out TV/Radio campaigns, E-Learning, Corporate Videos .. just let us know what you need.

“The great thing about our site is that all the child voice over artists have voice over parents and therefore their own professional studios.  This means I work with people already in the business, who know what voice overs do on a day to day basis and who understand how licensing works.”

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