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RJ's voice has been chosen by internationally recognised names like BBC, Nickelodeon TV network, Johnson & Johnson, TalkSport, Smooth Radio, His Highness the Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, and more.  He helps creatives realise dreams for their work with his superb voice acting, narration, sound design and production.

RJ naturally has a commanding, persuasive, neutral/RP British sound with a voice age from mid 20s to early 50s... Perfect for grabbing attention and the all important call to action.

He's a master of UK (and foreign) accents too, able to turn on his warm, trustworthy and fashionable Yorkshire tones of his birthplace as easily as the regional Scottish accents from where he now lives.  Need a fun Cornish sound? He's got you. Perhaps a cheeky Cockney? Trust RJ.

Working from his own studio with WaveLab, Wavosaur and the ever reliable Audacity, he found a perfect match for his voice in the Samson MTR101a microphone through Focusrite's Scarlett Solo preamp after numerous trials. Delivering superb sound, every time.

Voice Description & Style Typically naturally strong, smooth, persuasive, passionate, engaging, intelligent, refined, commanding, dramatic, attention grabbing, But he's versatile and provides whatever the situation calls for.

Commerical Demo

Character Demo


“I recently put Rob forward for the voice-over for a Nickelodeon sponsorship campaign and they used his voice. I know that Rob can do other accents and voices with gravitas but what the client wanted was an upbeat friendly voice with a home-spun Yorkshire twang – and he delivered.”
~ David Chaudoir, Director, Nick Jr./Johnson & Johnson

"DreamCage Media Group, on behalf of Blurbinfo, recently commissioned RJ Bayley to perform, produce and do the sound design for an upcoming audiobook for indie sci-fi author Kneel Downe. The writing that we wanted turned into an audiobook required a lot more than just straight narration and RJ really stepped up to the mark.  Not only did he provide all the character voices with great creativity but also developed an immersive and atmospheric sound design that made the audio so much more than “just a reading”. Kneel Downe has said that the main character voice was “very close to how he ‘speaks’ to me” which shows how much RJ understood the source material and ran with it but he also took on board the minimal guidance that we gave him to produce something that we all love. RJs turnaround time was also incredibly quick and to the highest quality, with our change requests to the draft being actioned same day.  You may think that quality like this is well out of the price-range of independent authors but his pricing is highly affordable, especially for the quality product that we got at the end of it, and we have lined up several more projects for him to undertake in the future.  I would not hesitate in recommending his voiceover and audio services to anybody looking for quality creativity to enhance and give a new platform to their own work.”
~ Susan Omand, Co-Owner, DreamCage Media Group

"RJ went above and beyond from the outset of the project to completion: from a personalised sample of his work, an extremely speedy turnaround time, extra takes and great communication throughout. He understood the brief and provided a fantastic recording with the emotion and natural tone that we needed for the project. Would highly recommend his work. Thanks RJ!”
~ Louise, Nesta

Clients BBC Radio Scotland, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. Too, Nick Jr. Peppa, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai/Guaana Space Exploration Open Research, Johnson & Johnson, DreamCage Media Group, Nesta, HowExpert Press, Popcorn Horror, Castle FM Scotland, Cavalier Books, Links Radio, Douglas Anderson, animation director, Riley Tune - author, Alison Beightol - author, Alistair McIntyre, author and audio dramatist, Kamil Błaszczyk, game producer

Studio Details Samson MTR101a microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo preamp, Sound treated walls and ceiling, WaveLab LE8, Wavosaur, Audacity

Other accents Austraila, Eastern European, Cockney, Manchester, RP, Cornish, Birmingham, Yorkshire, General Scottish, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North American/GenAm, Southern US/Texas, South African/Afrikaans

Characters Bringing to life characters for audio, be it for audiobooks, audiodramas or adverts, is RJ's staple.  He'll give you what you were looking for, even if you didn't know what you wanted in the first place.  Existing characters done: Tom Hardy's Bane, Christian Bale's Batman, Heath Ledger's Joker, Sir Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, Bela Lugosi's Dracula,

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Jan is a London born actress trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

She is now a full time Voice Over artist and Audiobook narrator with over 50 audiobooks available on Audible.

She also records podcasts for major publications including The FT, The Economist, The Guardian, Aeon Magazine and many more.

He voice is clear, friendly, gentle yet professional and she is in great demand for explainer videos and E Learning projects.

She also voices villains and heros in video games using her versatility with accents and character voices.

Corporate Demo

Gaming Demo

Audiobook Demo

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Jenny M

Jenny's voice is real. Believable.  Young(ish), quirky, upbeat and engaging.  A warm northern voice, clear and conversational, bright and energetic with a Lancashire twist.

From girl next door, to energetic young Mum to edgy youth, Jenny's voice is equally at home in a regional radio ad or edgy Spotify sound bite as it is in a professional corporate read or compassionate charity project. 

In the late teens to mid-40’s age range, Jenny can temper tone from fun and enthusiastic to compassionate and understanding, sophisticated and stylish right around to confident and contemporary.  She is often booked as ‘the voice of the customer’ or when clients want an authentic northern voice to create real standout for their brand.

Voice Descriptionengaging, young, warm, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, cheerful, relatable, confident, youth, hip, bright, clear, chatty, melodic, quirky, open, animated, believable, natural, real, upbeat, honest.

Accents - Jenny has a natural Lancashire accent, but northern accents are her forte, particularly Scouse, Mancunian, Yorkshire and of course broad Lancashire.  She can also read completely naturally and believably in Welsh, Cockney, Scottish and Irish accents as well as internationally - standard, none regional American, New York, Texan, Californian, Russian, French and Australian.

Characters - what do you need?  Sloany, excitable Aussie, bumbling old Lord, deep south redneck, Texan dixie chick, well spoken newsreader, Californian valley girl, agressive Russian, French seductress, Lancashire lass, edgy Landan teen innit… give Jenny 20 minutes prep and there isn’t much she can’t do.

A commercial and corporate VO with an impressive portfolio of radio, animation, film, corporate, audiobooks, promo, product demo, e-learning, in-store, on-hold and IVR projects.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Narrative Demo

IVR Demo

Clients - Bauer, Global, The Wireless Group, The Co-Operative Bank, Spotify, Colgate Max White Extra White, BBC Bitesize, TUC, The University of Manchester, Merseyrail, NHS, Arts Council England, Total Fitness, Yopa, Shop Direct, Minecraft, Think Money Group, The Scout Network, Plantur 39, Huawei, Pfizer, Celgene, Eon, The British Heart Foundation and Talk Talk.

StudioRode NT1-A Mic, Focusrite 2i2, Macbook, Adobe Audition, ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype

Jenny has an in-depth understanding of the radio industry in particular, having enjoyed a 10-year career in sales, creative and voiceover for Bauer, Global and The Wireless Group.  She is also a creative copywriter and still writes ads on a freelance basis for The Wirless Group.  So, she understands the creative process and the importance of interpreting copy and taking direction effectively.  As a result, commercial delivery comes naturally.

“Jenny has a very clear voice with great intonation. She was asked to narrate a film for a high profile client on a fast turnaround and she delivered on time and on budget. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
"Jenny is one of the friendliest and easy to work with people I deal with on a weekly basis. Never one to turn down a challenge, Jenny deals with each project with a cheery demeanour. Professional and helpful to a fault, I can't recommend her highly enough."
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After working as a session and jingle singer, Tanya began her voicing career in 1986 starting out at Signal Radio in Stoke on Trent.  

Tanya works every day from her purpose-built studio.  Aside from adverts and corporate narrations, she make hundreds of on-hold messages for all over the world.

Voice Styles - Sexy,Newsy, Authoritative, Warm, Friendly, Seductive, Serious,‘Real’,Hard/Medium/Soft Sell, Persuasive, Quirky, Young, Classy.

Accents & Dialects - English RP, Black Country (Native), Birmingham (Native), Stoke on Trent, London, Geordie, Irish (N), US (Various), Liverpool, Northern (Stoke On Trent and beyond), Dutch & Spanish (With good pronunciation), Italian, Russian, Australian.

Characters & Impressions - Baby, Child, Nosey Neighbour, Russian “Model”, Swedish Adult Film Star, Various Fairytale Characters – From the naughtiest fairy to the wickedest witch. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, Rosemary The Telephone Operator, Jane Horrocks.

Voice Age - Babies to 40

Natural Voice - English/RP

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Birmingham & Black Country Demo

Commercial / Radio Demo

IVR Demo

Client List On-Hold 

Jo Malone,Birmingham City Council, Leeds Building Society, BT,Nokia,Barclays Bank Offshore, DSA, Elizabeth Arden, Holmes Place, Dragons Health Clubs, Travelodge, Holiday Inn(Six Continents Group), The NHS, The Prudential, Telco, Swinton Insurance, Scania Trucks, Most Peugeot, Audi, Citroen, Seat, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover,Hyundai,Bentley,Lamborghini,VW,Fiat,Mazda dealers countrywide. Tulip Hotels Group, The Lowry, Callagenix, The Labour Party, Edmundson Electrical, Staples Europe, Misco, Coys,  Haynes Publishing, Virgin Vie, ASDA, Trafford Centre, American Express, Baumatic, Carphone Warehouse, BOSCH, E2Save,Bath BS, Stroud & Swindon, IRIS, DSI… Plus hundreds of other companies in the UK, USA & UAE.

Audio Visual & E-Learning

Clients Include: Phillips Europe, Stormguard, Paypal Europe, Windows,Coca-Cola, British Telecom, Mothercare Group, Barclaycard Platinum & One Pay, The Post Office, Health & Safety Certificate Training, GCSE History, West Midlands Police, The Fire Brigade, British Aerospace, Swiss International Airlines, Virgin Trains, Ordinance Survey, EON, Many Pharmaceutical Companies, Local Authorities

Gaming & Various Applications

Thyssen Lifts, Gaming Machines, Photocopier, Birthday Dog Card, Daily Horoscopes (3G) For O2 & T-Mobile, Talking Birthday Cards and Corporate Invitations, Flowermilk Girls for (Iphone/iPad game), Heart Bingo, (Werb based bingo games)


HSBC,Superdrug, Boots,JBB Sports, Lloyds Chemist

TV Ads

Stena Line, Starplan Furniture, Ben & Holly, Bananas In Pyjamas, Disney Night Glow, Dutch Lady, TV Promos- Disney Channel South Africa, Persil Malta, LUXE TV.

National Ads: Bassets Vitamins, Littlewoods Catalogue, SMA Growmore, English Country Cottages.

Regional Ads : Cookes, Wookey Hole Caves , Kenwright Productions, The National Trust, Labels Outlet Store.


I have worked with Tanya on numerous projects for many years, and she is fantastic to work with. I can give her a script, and she brings it to life, she takes direction really well, plus she will give me ideas that I've never thought of, so for me, it's a great working partnership everytime.

-Karl Svenson, Tadah Media Productions

Tanya has 2 things that money can't buy - A great sounding voice and years of experience in using it to bring client's scripts to life. Always a pleasure to work with.

-Rob Bee, Bee Productive

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Louisa is a highly-experienced commercials, corporates & documentary voiceover.  A strong, authoritative, warm & approachable voice, with a silky, intelligent and informative style, she is naturally RP.

A trained actor, Louisa also has an Oxford Maths degree and worked in advertising before studying drama school -  this has hugely contributed towards her ability to deliver technical, scientific and challenging corporate scripts with confidence.  She has voiced a large number of projects for multinational companies, from commercials to explainer videos, internal and sales films and any number of elearning projects. 

She has over fifteen years of voiceover experience behind her, working from her broadcast-quality studio in Hackney Wick in London.  She’s has been heard on all the major UK TV and radio networks, voicing commercials, promos, idents, documentaries and has had the occasional on screen appearance too.  Previous and current clients include Always Ultra, the Daily Telegraph, Esso, Volkswagen, Nintendo, Edinburgh Business School, Viking River Cruises, Royal Canin, the BBC, ITV, the Cabinet Office, Pantene, Lend Lease, Barclays, Lloyds and Nissan.  She is particularly in demand for pan-global projects, where her clear and accentless English is perfect for organisations whose workforce communicate in English, but may be speaking it as their second language. 

Narration Demo

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Commercial Demo

Audiobook Demo

When not being a disembodied voice in a soundproof box, she can be found shouting at rugby matches (Bath & England) and baking cakes!

Studio: Studio Bricks booth, Rode NT2A microphone, Fireface400 interface, Audio TX, ipDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype/Phone patch, Adobe Audition

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Spanish Female VO 4

Beatriz has a wide experience as a voice over talent in her country of origin, Spain.  Born in Madrid, she has no local accent whatsoever and sounds neutral in a Castilian Spanish pronunciation, with perfect enunciation of the sounds that other Spaniards might get wrong, like the ending Ds and Ts at the end of words like Madrid.  But she can also imitate the common accent and get a more natural street-like voice when needed.  

She has worked as a voice artist for many different media –television, radio, Internet and corporate video, amongst others.  Apart from voice over, she can do character dubbing or just voice acting.

Being raised in a creative atmosphere, from a singer mother and a creative advertising writer father, she has always shown an interest in the media and anything related to voice work.  She has undergone a workshop for voice training and film dubbing for almost three years, where she was practically trained lip-synching films with many different kinds of characters or dramatic tones.  Beatriz also has a passion for the written word, acting, writing and translating.  She has a vast experience as a translator as well as a personal interest in how to avoid things getting lost in translation.  Several years ago, she started her own personal blog about the most correct ways to translate from English to Spanish. 

Beatriz’s voice in Castilian Spanish is professional, clear and very well enunciated. From her long years experience and acting training, she can give your content the tone you desire and she’s very flexible at following your directions.

English Demo

Spanish Demo


“Beatriz has such a beautiful voice”

-Valeria Mariner, C. E. O. at Cine 54, the company providing video content for Yahoo! for years now.

Clients - Yahoo!, Amena, Ministerio del Interior, Canal Satélite Digital, TVE2, Radio 3 de Televisión Española, Fox Kids, Quiero, Olimpo, Marie Claire, Comunidad de Madrid, Vía Digital, etc…

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Jo P

Jo is an experienced actor and presenter.  She has worked for over 20 years as a Presenter in television and radio for the BBC, ITN, The Weather Channel and as a travel reporter for Sky TV (Fox) she had the enviable job of travelling to some of the most exotic corners of the world. She recently worked on a new US TV project The Beauty Show. As a radio host she has worked for the BBC, Capital Radio, Talk Radio and the US Channel CNBC.  Jo was also the Los Angeles showbiz reporter for the Jamie Theakston breakfast show on Heart FM broadcasting live from Hollywood. 

Within the corporate arena Jo is the face and voice of Deutsche Bank’s website and has presented for Real Estate TV which is broadcast across Europe.  She has also had the opportunity to work on films for Credit Suisse, Johnson&Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Visa, Lloyds Bank, Lancia Italia, Burberry and The Covent Garden Soup Company.

Jo has professional home recording facilities but has worked at some of London and LA’s biggest voice studios including: Wisebuddah, SNK, Lipsync, The Sound Company, Voiceover Soho and Buzzy’s and Marc Graue Los Angeles.

Voice style - Announcer, Charismatic, Friendly, Glamorous, Informed, Luxurious / Smooth, Sexy, Sophisticated, Warm, Engaging and Velvety. I work on a range of projects from corporate, news and narration through to commercial, animations and drama. (Commercials, Corporate, Documentary, Multimedia,Narration, NewsReader, RadioTeacher, Voice Coach & Video Games)

Age of voice 30-50

Natural Accent - Native standard English accent - soft RP. 

Other accents - Cheshire, Liverpool, London, Northern England, RP, South London, Southern England, Welsh, Standard, North American including Californian, General American, Texas, African (South), French Accents

As an actor I am experienced in classical theatre, television and film in both drama and comedy and have versatility when approaching a range of characters.

AT&T Sample

NATS Sample

Nivea Sample

HSBC Sample

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Saskia has been acting professionally since the age of 16.  She then went on to study Ba (Honours) Acting at the University of Central Lancashire, where she was also nominated for the Creative Focus Award for Performance.  Since 2014, Saskia has worked in theatre as well as screen, with companies including Red Dog Theatre Company.  In 2016, Saskia was approached by GOVRadio to record ads for leisure centres across England on a monthly basis, and she is still working with them a year on. 
“A professional voice over that is always reliable. Saskia has always been able to offer a quick turnaround for our scripts. She takes direction on board in regards to tone, voice and accent and delivers an excellent final product.”
-Stewart Wallace GOVRadio

Voice Age - 16- 25

Accent - London (SE Native), RP, Manchester, General American

Voice description - Light, bubbly

Other characters -Young child

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

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Helen A

Helen is an experienced actor & voiceover artist, with an actor’s flair for interpretation and character.  A classically-trained singer, Helen has great versatility, and can voice both young characters and more mature voices.  Her voice has been described as smooth, professional, warm, assured, youthful and engaging.  Her natural accent is neutral RP, but she can perform in a range of accents including neutral Irish and a genuine Cornish brogue (she grew up in sunny Cornwall).

Since setting-up her home studio in 2015 Helen has voiced and produced a wide range of corporate narration, from role-play training to Voicemails/IVR to e-learning courses and promotional videos.  She is an excellent sight-reader and is able to make dry or complex material sound simple and engaging.  Recent happy customers include Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Vodafone, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Intuition Ireland, Packaged Pump Systems, Osmonds Ireland and Kalm Training.

Helen can offer a super-quick turnaround of scripts, with most corporate jobs being recorded same-day.  She is able to connect with clients for remote direction/recording via Skype, Source Connect or ipDTL (with ISDN bridging).

Age of voice - 20s-40s

Natural accent -RP British

Other accents - neutral Irish, South-East/London/Cockney, Cornish/Westcountry

Characters -Yes – trained actor

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

IVR (Irish Accent) Demo

Narrative Demo


I have worked with Helen on several e-learning projects here in Dublin and I can say without hesitation that she is a first-rate voiceover artist. In her wonderful, neutral English accent, Helen demonstrated her ability not just to narrate, but to do character-based voicing as well. Add to this her exceptional sight-reading skills and her ability to interpret direction and you have the perfect ingredients for a VO who won't have to do take after take after take, ultimately saving you grief and expensive studio time. Helen is personable, reliable and professional and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a great VO for their project.

-Paul Fegan, Bitsixteen Studios, Dublin


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Chris is a voice over artist based in London, recording mainly from his professional home studio.

He trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he received a commendation from the BBC Radio Carleton Hobbs Awards.   With a rich, authoritative and engaging voice, he has provided voiceovers for commercials, documentaries, audio drama, training and business tutorials, e-commerce, ADR, call waiting systems and computer games both in the UK and worldwide.

Style Rich, Authoritative, Engaging

Voice Age - 30s/40s

Accents - Neutral/RP

Commercial Demo 

Corporate Demo

Narrative Demo

StudioNuemann TLM103, Adobe Audition, Focusrite Scarlett Preamp, Macbook Pro - Professional Home Recording Studio

ClientsLegal and General, Virgin Media, Namco Bandai, 3M Medical Healthcare, Cineye Media

CharactersClassically trained and Off West End Award nominated actor.

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