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Friday, 11 August 2017 10:23

Sarah SB

Sarah is a widely experienced voice-over artist and audio actor with her own professional home studio based London. Her clear, elegant tones are much in demand for a wide range of work including corporate and documentary narration, audiobook recording, TV and Radio advertising and complex medical scripts are a challenge she relishes.

Sarah is an expert at bringing technical scripts to life in an easy to understand and relaxed manner; medical and scientific narratives are her speciality.

Sarah is also an voice actor and has read over 20 audio books which have required a wide range of characters and accents

She hails from Bristol.

Corporate Demo

Commercial Demo

E-Learning Demo

Audio Book Demo

Character Demo

Medical Demo

Narrative Demo

Voice Print Demo

Studio  AKG Cardiod Capsule Condenser mic, Focursite ISA Pre Amp, Delta 8 Soundcard 66 into ProTools. Fully sound proofed booth, Skype, Phonepatch and Source Connect now. 

Clients BBC TV and radio, Microsoft, Oxfam, NHS, Pfizer' Random 42, Sanofi Winthrop, Proctor & Gamble 


Sarah is a world class VO professional. She has worked with us on a number of jobs over recent years and always delivers great results. She's also great with clients - I have to say it's always a pleasure to work with Sarah.   Simon Reid, Animation Director at Fusion Medical Animation.

Sarah is always our first stop voice-over artist for all things medical and scientific. She is brilliant with complex technical terms and always delivers the right tone for the piece. Her rapid turnarounds make last minute changes and 'quick' fixes less of a headache than they might otherwise be. It's always a pleasure to work with Sarah.   Rajeev Doshi, Creative Director, Medi-Mation: Medical Animation and Illustration.

For the past few months, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Sarah on the development of an interactive online medical training tool for a pharmaceutical client. Sarah has a wonderful range of tone and expression and beautifully clear voice. Complex medical terminology was no obstacle for Sarah. She maintained a very positive attitude throughout the project, patiently deals with requests for updates and text changes, delivers rapidly, on time, at short notice, and according to all necessary requirements. I sincerely hope that I have the chance to work together with Sarah again in the very near future!   Emma Raderschadt, Vice President Infill healthcare communication

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In 2006, Emma was asked to voice the announcements for London Buses’ new onboard announcement system, iBus.  11 years and more than 60,000 announcements later, it’s fair to say that this job has completely changed the direction of Emma’s career – and she’s certainly not complaining!

Having trained as a dancer and spent several years dancing her way around the world, when her knees faltered Emma had a lasting ambition she wished to fulfil, to become a television presenter.  En route to becoming a TV weather presenter, Emma found and fell in love with radio, presenting breakfast shows for Cardiff’s Red Dragon FM and London’s Capital Gold along the way.   But it was the impact of the work for London Buses that turned voice overs into a business and a passion.

Working primarily from her home studio in the heart of Teesdale, Emma voices for clients from around the world, working not only on transport announcements but also on commercials, e-learning projects, explainer videos, phone systems and more. 

Emma’s clients include Transport for London’s Buses, Overground Trains and Riverbus systems and TfL radio advertising, Go North East’s buses, Amazon Fire TV, BP, Stanstead Airport, DLA Piper, Boehringer Ingelheim, Unilever, Anglia Examinations and Skype. 

Emma’s voice is accentless and clear, a little bit upmarket without being in the slightest bit plummy! Equally aspirational and accessible, but with depth and richness – hence being described as a ‘cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife’.  Her clarity makes her ideal for audiences where English is not the first language, which is no doubt why she works for numerous overseas clients, and on internationally-targeted e-learning projects. 

Studio Details  Microphone – Neumann TLM 106, Pre-amp – Audient ID22, Editing software – Adobe Audition 3, ISDN, Source Connect, Skype.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

E Learning Demo


‘We’ve worked with Emma for more years than we care to remember! Emma is a versatile voice who has an amazingly high level of accuracy on the trickiest of scripts.’

‘Fast, very professional and extremely easy to work with’

‘Emma is awesome. I have used her several times for our corporate videos. She’s fast, accurate, and easy to work with. I recommend her whole-heartedly.’

‘Emma’s voice recalls a cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife!’

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Stephen L

Stephen was born in London to Yorkshire parents, was brought up in North Wales, educated in Surrey and has lived in South Wales for over 40 years.  He worked as an actor for eight years before becoming a voice-over in 1980.  He has worked extensively in all fields of voice work for thirty-seven years - voicing in excess of 90,000 radio commercials, many hundreds of TV commercials and thousands of narrations for Corporate presentations and training programmes.

Stephen is a highly experienced and professional voice, good at taking direction but also fun to work with.  He has a warm, deep, friendly voice but is capable of a wide range of styles, pitches, characters, moods and impressions as well as a wide range of International and home grown accents.  He is more the cosmopolitan Brit than the Lord of the Manor.

Stephen’s voice trained doctors and nurses across the USA for ten years.  He is the voice of a London rock producer in a Seattle museum and the voice of Captain Smith of the Titanic in another in Missouri.  He has been the voice of Talking Telescopes around the UK and of Talking Lampposts in Brighton.  He once mimicked Prince Charles, knowing he was going to hear it, and was not sent to the Tower.

Stephen voiced the wordwide TV and cinema campaign for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Video Game and has also voiced packages for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. He also voiced the wizard on Lord of The Rings web videos for Lego.  At Christmas, Stephen is one of the busiest radio Father Christmases in the UK, also recording phone-ins with children.  He has provided many voices for animation and puppet programmes. In the 1980’s he voiced the lead in 78 episodes of Telecat for Disney and The Children’s Channel.  Recently Stephen has voiced many videos for World of Warships and World of Tanks. Major clients of the last few years include Cobra Beer, Go Daddy, Chessington World of Adventures and as the voice for all Avis Car Rental’s UK phone systems.

His Home Studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM 170 microphone, a Mackie Onyx sound desk and Adobe Audition recording software. In addition to the ability to provide quality audio via download from his server, Stephen is equipped to voice live sessions via ISDN , Source Connect and iPDTL and can be directed via Skype if required.

He is a skilled script adaptor, having prepared many UK Government White and Green Papers for recording for use by the blind. He has also adapted a presentation for Microsoft for UK usage. Stephen has designed the lip-synch script for over a hundred foreign films and TV episodes.

Stephen has been with his wife, Helen, since they met in Drama College in 1970. He has two children and three grand-children.  His hobbies include research, cooking and photography.  He is the official biographer of Gareth Hughes, the first Welsh Film Star, for which his research work has been recognised by the British Library and the National Library of Wales. he is also a World War One historian.

Commerical Demo

Narration Demo

IVR Demo

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Jay S

An intelligent warmth and soft English vocal style, Jay arrests your ears with his vocal charisma and educated credibility.  

An accomplished voice actor and actor with a versatile range of tone in his own native english accent(s) also expressed in other accents and characters with ease.  A chameleon of voices. Appearing in many UK and US commercials, channel promos, programmes, documentaries and games, he has amassed a library of experience.

You can tell he loves his work which makes him a pleasure to work alongside.

Voice Age - 35-45

Skills - Accents, Characters, Cartoon, retail, corporate, narration, documentary & E-Learning.

Corporate Demo

Demo Mix

Clients - TCM Movies, Sky TV and Movies, Samsung, CNN, BBC World service, BBC Promos, Comedy Central, E Channel, Channel 4 UK, Mazda, Brittania, Ford, L'Oreal

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 18:14

Helen A

Helen is an experienced actor & voice over artist, with an actor’s flair for interpretation and character.  A classically-trained singer, Helen has great versatility and can voice both young characters and more mature voices.  Her voice has been described as smooth, professional, warm, assured, youthful and engaging.  She has a natural RP, but she can perform in a range of accents including neutral Irish and a genuine Cornish brogue (she grew up in sunny Cornwall). Her age of voice is 20 to 40. 

Since setting up her home studio in 2015, Helen has voiced and produced a wide range of corporate narration, from role-play training to Voicemails/IVR to e-learning courses and promotional videos.  She is an excellent sight-reader and is able to make dry or complex material sound simple and engaging.  Recent happy customers include Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Vodafone, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Intuition Ireland, Packaged Pump Systems, Osmonds Ireland and Kalm Training.

Helen can offer a super-quick turnaround of scripts, with most corporate jobs being recorded same-day.  She is able to connect with clients for remote direction/recording via Skype, Source Connect or ipDTL (with ISDN bridging).

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

IVR (Irish Accent) Demo

Narrative Demo

On Hold Demo


I have worked with Helen on several e-learning projects here in Dublin and I can say without hesitation that she is a first-rate voiceover artist. In her wonderful, neutral English accent, Helen demonstrated her ability not just to narrate, but to do character-based voicing as well. Add to this her exceptional sight-reading skills and her ability to interpret direction and you have the perfect ingredients for a VO who won't have to do take after take after take, ultimately saving you grief and expensive studio time. Helen is personable, reliable and professional and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a great VO for their project.

-Paul Fegan, Bitsixteen Studios, Dublin


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Natalie S

Natalie has a background in radio presenting and has been in commercial radio for over a decade and a voice artist for two.  In February 2015, she stepped of the airwaves having been one half of Heart Breakfast in the Home Counties for five years to have my first baby.  But she's now back on air having recently moved to Manchester, hosting Sunday afternoons on Heart North West.  She is keen to build her voiceover client base and specialises in commercials, explainer videos, e-learning projects and on hold work all from my home studio enabling me to juggle the joys of motherhood with bringing words to life. 

Natalie's style is edgy and contemporary whilst being friendly and relatable, which means she is adaptable.  She work around the clock and the globe via ipDTL, Source Connect Now and Skype and offers a 24 hour turnaround of broadcast quality content.  Her voice age is 30 plus and she has a natural British accent.

Commercial Demo

Explainer Demo 

E-Learning Demo

IVR Demo

Clients - Wilmot Dixon, Shell, LinkedIn, NHS, MetLife, Metrobank, World Pay, CapGemini, Jenson, Alfa Laval, Eurocamp, Office Insight, Hunter Wellies, Santander, Marks & Spencer, The Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Kyani, Theory Films – Pensions, Transform Breast Surgery, More than Pet Insurance, Asda, National Rail, MandM, Dietchef, Butchers Cat food, Paul Simon Beds and Blinds, National Express, HMV, Automoney, Big Yellow Storage, Beales, Marriot Hotel

Studio - Home studio purpose built, Sontronics Orpheus Mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp, Adobe Audition CC
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Chris is a voice over artist based in London, recording mainly from his professional home studio.

He trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he received a commendation from the BBC Radio Carleton Hobbs Awards.   With a rich, authoritative and engaging voice, he has provided voiceovers for commercials, documentaries, audio drama, training and business tutorials, e-commerce, ADR, call waiting systems and computer games both in the UK and worldwide.

Style Rich, Authoritative, Engaging

Voice Age - 30s/40s

Accents - Neutral/RP

Commercial Demo 

Corporate Demo

Narrative Demo

StudioNuemann TLM103, Adobe Audition, Focusrite Scarlett Preamp, Macbook Pro - Professional Home Recording Studio

ClientsLegal and General, Virgin Media, Namco Bandai, 3M Medical Healthcare, Cineye Media

CharactersClassically trained and Off West End Award nominated actor.

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Philip K

Sophisticated, positive, mid-toned with gravitas.  Neutral/RP English accent.

Philip’s colleagues would say he is more memorably known for his Chewbacca impersonation, (only because you don’t expect it) than his intelligent corporate style delivery.

Phil’s jolly demeanour and passion for voice over make him a pleasure to work with.  His loyalty to the craft and the people he works with is genuine.  He talks the talk and walks the walk, and nothing makes him happier than uniting and motivating people with infectious enthusiasm.

Phil has worked for many brands around the globe but his favourite legacy to date is volunteering for an American not-for-profit company narrating the whole cast of the original Star Wars (yes, including Vader, Yoda & Jabba the Hutt) for children with dyslexia, blindness and visual impairments.

Age of voice 40/50

Accents RP, Midlands, North England, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, French, Italian, Eastern European, Australian.

Characters Most Archetypes / stereotypes / Star Wars Characters / Dwarves / Goblins / Undead  /Elves /Knights / WizardsGame of Throne style caricatures / Robots.

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Audiobook Demo


Learning Ally (Audiobooks for Blind/dyslectic children), Himoinsin (Spanish Energy), Kallidus (London Underground and other brands), PHMedia Group (worlds leading audio branding agency)

Studio Details

Acoustically treated recording booth, SeElectronic Condenser Microphone, 2I2 Focusrite Pre amp, Reaper DAW


The voice of voices! What can I say about Philip other than he has hit a homerun  narrating Star Wars Return of the Jedi for the National Non Profit I work for in the U.S.A Learning Ally formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.  His ability to do character voices is second to none and his willingness to do more is impeccable!  So if you are looking for a wonderful voice and a great guy you have found him!   Thank YOU Philip from all of us at Learning Ally!

Michael J. Kinsey, Voice Over Community Leader

I contacted Philip because I needed a British deep male voice to record a video for a Spanish client.  He was perfect for the project! Not only because of his great voice.  He's very friendly and with great attention to detail.  Fast and efficient.  A fantastic person to work with

Vicky Tessio, VO Artist

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Kirsten H

Uplifting, fun, young, and vivacious, but also warm, believable, calm and smooth as silk.  Kirsten is flexible and can do many styles from playful and sexy, to news reader, formal, interview, documentary, and also sales and marketing.  She's done a lot of educational and explaining videos, e-courses and narration for audio books.  Her voice sells luxury holidays like hot cakes!

Age of voice Young woman

Natural accent Neutral/RP British

Accents Soft Scottish and Irish

Characters mum, girl next door, modern young woman, female in video game, voice in dance track, artificial intelligence, princess (audiobook), little girl (audiobook), wildlife presenter, newsreader.


Rhode Professional mic, Adobe Audition for post production, and record in my own studio

Corporate Demo

Commercial Sample - Kuoni

Corporate Sample - Wormald Homes

News Demo

Presenting/Podcast Demo

Health/Relaxation Demo

Wildlife Documentary 


Kuoni, Hugo Boss, Prudential, The Open University, Hewlett Packard, The BBC, Three Counties radio,  Nirvana Holidays, Water’s Edge Real Estate, Fibaro, Prismashield, Chef Ainsley Harriet, Wormald Homes Real Estate, Bepanthenol, Solatube, NHS, Molfix, Kodak, Audible, The First Post, Sea Watch Foundation, The Mahout Foundation, Anxiety UK, The National Trust, British Red Cross, Barnardos, PETA, Media Trust, Adopt a Dolphin, BBC, The Community Channel, Sky Sports, ITV, Turkish TV


Truly professional voice actress, recording was ready after 1 day!”

“Excellent. This is precisely what we wanted.”

“Thank you for giving the character a voice! And doing it in such a quick turnaround time. “

“Wow! I could not be more impressed! Fluid, evocative, full of verve. Excellent work! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for a great job and for working with me on the minor revisions! I will happily use THIS voice artist again!”

“You worked really fast and met the specifications perfectly! Thank you so much!”

“Excellent to work together. Anytime again! Very professional and fast!”

“She was great. We had an extremely tight deadline and she came through for us. Would definitely hire again.”

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Chris is a professional British voice artist, Image consultant & Coach who has the necessary skills and experience to make what you have in mind happen and sound good.  His voice has been used in commercial and community radios, regional and national TV, radio adverts and much more!

Chris's voice has been described as commercial, identifiable, bright and clear, intelligent, entertaining and eccentric. He is not only experienced, but also very malleable, adapting his voice to your project and deliver what you need!


We had an excellent experience enlisting Chris's help. His voice overs were excellent as was his turnaround time. We will definitely enlist Chris's services should we need to do so in the future. We gladly recommend using his service if you want quality work and professionalism.

-Ismail Hussein, KalKaal Relief

Chris was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole process and the results were brilliant! A first class service from a guy who knows what he's "talking" about - highly recommended - thank you.

-M Smith, Smifffy Productions

We just started to work with Chris ... he is an expert when it comes to voice over's. Fast delivery, perfect client response to his voice! Recommended A+

-Jd Patrick, Senior Producer, Vibe FM Malta

I was recommended Chris and I’m delighted I found him. Friendly, professional, value for money and extremely efficient. After a quick phone call, my project was completed within the hour with the promise of additions/amends being done even quicker. Payment was easy and I can safely say that I will definitely use Chris again.

-Ben Starr, 15 Marketing.

If there is any body out there who can help is Chris. I had some problems with my studio and equipment, and in a heart beat, Chris was there to advise and support me, he is a fantastic coach and he has the most charming, friendly manner. Making you feel like the most important person in the world. Chris has a lot of experience both technically and vocally. If you are new to the V/O world , sometimes it is very overwhelming and you need someone like Chris! I wouldn't ever hesitate to ask for his advice or help, and nor should you. Thank you Chris .

-Angie Farrugia - Voice Artist - Spring Grove, Illinois

I cannot thank Chris enough for his time, professionalism and help on this project, without that help the radio station would not have sounded so sharp. Since the initial delivery of the liners Chris has since made extra liners for us with a turnaround of minutes, which can be a god send if you need that line reading right now. I would whole heartedly recommend Chris to you for your voice over work. Chris is dedicated, approachable and well, a really nice guy to have on your team nothing seems too much trouble. I will without doubt be using his services again in the future.

-Nik Andrews - Station Manager DJS


Vanilla Studio - TVC, Hone Virtual Gym - Website Video, Eipix Entertainment - Games Characters, BBOXX - Instructional Video, Tower Hamlets Documentary - TV/Web Documentary, Sams Super Shakes - IVR Telephone System, European Gaming League (EGL) - IVR Telephone System, Stealth Telecom - IVR Telephone System, Ministry of Defense - IVR Telephone System, CodeVanilla - E-Learning Video, Hyundai - Radio Commercial, Nissan - Radio Commercial,TMCR FM - Presenter Idents ( Mike Smith ), KalKaal Relief - Charity Website Video, - IVR/On Hold, [15 Marketing] - Bingo Caller Sound Files, Call 27 Ltd - IVR/On Hold - telephone system package, KwikFit - Corporate Training Video, DJS Radio - Station Imaging / Commercials,PMN-Telecoms - IVR/On Hold, BabyNeeds of Blyth - IVR / On Hold, Melonite UK - IVR /On Hold, Chorley FM - Commercial, PMN-Telecoms - IVR/On Hold Studio Details Acoustically Treated Vocal Recording Booth Microphone: Neumann TLM-103 / Rode NT1-A Pre-Amp: ART Tube MP with 1985 Soviet 12AX7 Tube Installed Interface: Allen & Heath ZED 10 USB 10 Channel Mixing Desk Headphones (Cans): Beyer Dynamic DT100 Production Software: Adobe Audition CS6

Audiobook Demo

Commercial Demo


orporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

Radio Imaging Demo

IVR Demo

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