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Monday, 10 July 2017 11:42

Stephen L

Stephen was born in London to Yorkshire parents, was brought up in North Wales, educated in Surrey and has lived in South Wales for over 40 years.  He worked as an actor for eight years before becoming a voice-over in 1980.  He has worked extensively in all fields of voice work for thirty-seven years - voicing in excess of 90,000 radio commercials, many hundreds of TV commercials and thousands of narrations for Corporate presentations and training programmes.

Stephen is a highly experienced and professional voice, good at taking direction but also fun to work with.  He has a warm, deep, friendly voice but is capable of a wide range of styles, pitches, characters, moods and impressions as well as a wide range of International and home grown accents.  He is more the cosmopolitan Brit than the Lord of the Manor.

Stephen’s voice trained doctors and nurses across the USA for ten years.  He is the voice of a London rock producer in a Seattle museum and the voice of Captain Smith of the Titanic in another in Missouri.  He has been the voice of Talking Telescopes around the UK and of Talking Lampposts in Brighton.  He once mimicked Prince Charles, knowing he was going to hear it, and was not sent to the Tower.

Stephen voiced the wordwide TV and cinema campaign for Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Video Game and has also voiced packages for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. He also voiced the wizard on Lord of The Rings web videos for Lego.  At Christmas, Stephen is one of the busiest radio Father Christmases in the UK, also recording phone-ins with children.  He has provided many voices for animation and puppet programmes. In the 1980’s he voiced the lead in 78 episodes of Telecat for Disney and The Children’s Channel.  Recently Stephen has voiced many videos for World of Warships and World of Tanks. Major clients of the last few years include Cobra Beer, Go Daddy, Chessington World of Adventures and as the voice for all Avis Car Rental’s UK phone systems.

His Home Studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM 170 microphone, a Mackie Onyx sound desk and Adobe Audition recording software. In addition to the ability to provide quality audio via download from his server, Stephen is equipped to voice live sessions via ISDN , Source Connect and iPDTL and can be directed via Skype if required.

He is a skilled script adaptor, having prepared many UK Government White and Green Papers for recording for use by the blind. He has also adapted a presentation for Microsoft for UK usage. Stephen has designed the lip-synch script for over a hundred foreign films and TV episodes.

Stephen has been with his wife, Helen, since they met in Drama College in 1970. He has two children and three grand-children.  His hobbies include research, cooking and photography.  He is the official biographer of Gareth Hughes, the first Welsh Film Star, for which his research work has been recognised by the British Library and the National Library of Wales. he is also a World War One historian.

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Monday, 10 July 2017 11:01


Engaging, soothing, warm, seductive and reassuring.  Sexy and smooth or street-smart with cutting edge attitude.

Hard sell delivery, fast and attention grabbing, in-your-face, funny, or moderately paced and Informative, calm, sympathetic and slow, with a natural accent placed somewhere between upper lower and lower middle class - but can comfortably go either way!

Denny's diction is clear throughout and he can impersonate a wide range of character voices, many regional accents of both gender, and most age groups, cartoon voices and cats and dogs!


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:56

David WS

David works full time as a freelance Voice-Over Artist but the path he’s taken to that has been a very circuitous one.... from photograpy, to social care and local theatre.  He has spent 20 years working in production and live TV, writing, producing and/or directing anything from commercials to corporate information videos, training films, talk shows, game shows, news and music shows.

David started voicing himself when, after a fruitless search for “the voice” that a client was happy with, that same client suggested that David do it!  Reluctantly he did and the rest is history.  For more than 5 years now, David has worked almost exclusively as a “mic-man” and has narrated award winning documentaries as well as numerous international commercials for companies such as Pepsi, Jeep, Hyundai, BBC world and many others.

Drawing on his experience as a director who tried to get the best out of voice actors he’s now a voice artist who tries to give directors and clients exactly what they want. 

David's voice age is 40 - 60 and he can also offer an array of characters.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Colin has been voicing commercials, web content and corporate videos for over 15 years.

Equipped with a professional grade home studio, audio can be turned around quickly and professionally, with the option to ‘sit-in’ on the live action via Skype or phone patch.

Winner of a London International Advertising Award for Best International Voice Artist and highly awarded for 12 years as a writer and Creative Director, Colin not only brings his Vocal talents to your project, but his experience as a writer and voice director to boot!

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

David V

David is a London based UK television network announcer with over 25 years experience, currently freelancing for BBC 2.  He has previously scripted and voiced for Channel4, Discovery, ITV and Channel 5 (opening voice).

David has 2000+ narrator credits on documentaries created for History Channel and Nat Geo amongst others.  He has additionally recorded business and medical voice-overs for hundreds of companies including Shell, BP, Ducati, Verifone, Rosetta Stone and Pfizers.

David’s voice quality is articulate, classic and contemporary delivering a natural warmth and intelligence but his versatility means that he’s always happy to reveal darker tones when requested…

British Demo

Character Demo

E-Learning Demo

Medical Demo

Documentary Demo

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Melanie is a voice over artist, narrator and actress with many years of experience in theatre, television and film.

Her natural voice is RP English, classically elegant, engaging, polished, sophisticated, flexible and warm. Melanie can also do a wonderful French accent if required.

She also holds the BeeAudio Home Studio Certificate for Audiobook Narrators.  From her professionally equipped studio on the Isle of Wight, UK, (which includes a Rode NT1A microphone) she can produce your project from raw to mastered audio files in a variety of formats and deliver them within your timeframe by email, We Transfer, Dropbox, Cloud etc to meet your deadline or she will travel to a UK studio.  Direction via Skype is another service provided.  With experience in most genres, most recent corporate voice over projects include and internet website promo for 'Klynstone', a video promo for 'Wet Aquarium Design', a St John Ambulance Commercial and 5 video tutorials for DORO Liberto 820 Smartphone.  She looks forward to adding "vocal expression" to your project.

Historical Fiction Demo

Commercial Demo

TV Promo Demo

Corporate Demo

Children's Fiction Demo

Gaming Demo


"I found myself listening and wondering had I actually written this ... it sounded so interesting. Well done on bringing the scene and charactors to life. Your French accent is very attractive! It is quite a thrill to hear the story brought to life. I do wish you every success, your clear beautiful voice and sensitive handling of prose and style of writing should ensure it."

-Mary Medawar, Author, 'Under the Tricolor'

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie many times at my central London studios. Most recently we recorded a Wildlife Documentary. She is not only a pleasure to direct, but she listens well, making small changes when asked and shares her own ideas with passion and commitment. Add to that her professional attitude and good nature in the booth, I would have no hesitations in recommending her creative talent to others. I always look forward to working with Melanie, it lifts my day "

-Jean-Paul Orr, Head of Voice Production, The Showreel

"Thank you for your excellent work!"

-Kirsty Stark, Casting Director, Abbott, Libre System Reader

"You're a rock! Thank you for your patience. I’m really impressed with you. You have a really good sound quality from your studio.Thank you for doing a great job! Today was a pleasure!"

-Josefine Johansson, Project Manager, Widevox Sound Productions &

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Patrick is definitely among the more “well-established” voices in the UK.  

Having enjoyed 25 years as a newsreader and presenter on BBC Radio 2, during which time he also voiced trailers on BBC Television, he now has his own broadcast quality studio with ISDN.  He can usually achieve a fast turnaround for recorded projects.

He has been the narrator on many television documentaries, and the voiceover on hundreds of commercials, both radio and TV.  He regularly records corporate videos, for use all over the world.  He is also often in demand as the ‘Voice of God’ at Awards ceremonies.  His voice has been described as warm, authoritative, mature, friendly, deep, loud, and hard-sell – but not necessarily all at once! Tell him which qualities you need for your project…

Commerical Demo


Narration Demo

TV Demo

Soft Sell Demo

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11


Peter has a deep but clear voice with a Received Pronunciation accent.  He has been in broadcasting all his life, presenting for both TV & radio stations across the UK.

His voiceover work has covered a wide range of outputs; commercials, audio books, promos, video games and also many corporate and training videos for many leading international organisations including McDonald’s, Volvo, European Space Agency, Jaguar, Premier Foods, Lego, Pepsico, Serimax, BMW, Schlumberger, Linde and many more.

His studio is broadcast quality with Neumann U87 microphones with ipDTL facility.  Peter is also a skilled audio editor using Adobe Audition and video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Peter is a former BBC TV News presenter and voices authentically with a Mid-Atlantic accent.

Audiobook Demo

Character Demo

Corporate Demo

Compilation Demo

Documentary Demo

Explainer Demo

Factual Demo


Peter went above and beyond! Truly a pleasure to work with!

-Sara Grace Donnely

Extremely fast, friendly and professional. Has been a pleasure working with Peter. Looking forward to our next project.

-David S Frank, USA

Quick turn around, and very professional. Wonderful to work with!

-Rob Whitlow, USA

Peter is excellent to work with - very quick responses, professional, and as promised he was more than happy to send through many variations of his already great work. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

-Young Ha Kim 

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

Spanish Male VO 3

Adolfo is an actor, singer and voice over artist born in Gijón (Spain) graduated from The Shakespeare Foundation of Spain with a MA degree in Drama studies.  As a voice over artist he has worked in Spain and England for different brands and agencies.

Clients - ING Direct, Agencia negociadora (voice for the radio and on screen in a TV national channel for one year), Ibermutuamur (corporate videos), and as singer in the cartoon series for kids called “Los hitus” (TV national channel), Fernox (Andrew Clark Co.), Blue Lagoon geothermal, “If I can dream jingle” for Over Coast agency and the new Parrot Bay advertisement, for the Spanish TV Channels (Voice& script international Ltd, VSI).

His voice range is 40's, but can imitate elderly voices, and perform cartoon voices, narrations or audio-books and sing in English and Italian also.  Adolfo natural accent is Castilian but does lots of accents including Galician (north of Spain), Argentinian and Mexican.  

Adolfo has got a warm, confident, powerful, fresh and inspirational voice.  If necessary, Adolfo can make his recordings in a external HQ studio based in London with the highest standards of quality

Spanish Demo - Dry

Spanish Demo

Spanish Character Demo

Tuesday, 06 September 2016 08:11

French Male VO

Pierre is a native French voiceover artist with more than 20 years experience and one of the industry's leading French talents.  He is the continuity voice of Discovery and ESPN, the voice of Wuaki TV, promo voice of MTV, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network, member of the voice pool for the NRJ radio network (NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM) and many, many French TV commercials.

Thanks to being bilingual with a French accent (from very subtle to verrry strrrong), he is also the voice of quite few UK TV spots, and a handful of global campaigns such as the famed Dolce & Gabbana commercial.

His voice ranges from warm, caring, genuine, gentle, engaging to deep, manly, rich, authoritative, convincing and from sexy, velvety, smooth, softly spoken, suave, current, trendy to smokey, husky, raspy, gritty, tough and rough.

Clients - Renault, Apple, Lynx, McDonald's, Kikkoman, Nike, Dolce&Gabbana, Le Rustique, Versace, Canon, Stella Artois, Honda, Dell, Signal, Total… He has also voiced countless video games, trailers, web promos, corporate videos, explainers, etc. His voice is also featured in many movies, including The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven, Troy and Master and Commander to name a few.


-Anne-Sophie Channoux, Channel Director, Discovery France

I wanted to personally thank you for the work you’ve done for us this last year. It’s been a true pleasure to work with you and the result was absolutely top class – you gave a real identity to the channel

-Stefan Telegdy, CEO Nerd Communications, & Partner, Embassy Of Dreams

To simply label Pierre “vocal talent” would be a serious understatement. This guy is a full-blown actor. He became Ben the Bodyguard in an instant – not only lending Ben his voice, but giving him a soul in the process.

-Nick Bartleet, Director

An incredibly warm and professional artist, with such astonishing character and depth in his voice, Pierre added more than I could have dreamed of to our production. His ability to record, edit and clean up the takes directly from his own facility with a sound worthy of the best Soho studios, giving us the welcomed option to remotely live-produce the session, saved us so much time – and money. I can’t wait to work with him again.

-Iain Grant, Sound Engineer, WAM London (ex-Triangle)

Over the many years I’ve worked with Pierre, he’s never failed to deliver the goods. He’s always quick to grasp what’s required while constantly delivering beyond expectations and he is a true pleasure to record and work with. As a sound engineer working in a high-end London facility, I’m also really impressed with the quality of voice recordings produced by his own studio.

-Richard Hickey, Director

We needed a voice for our Skittles rainbow coloured muppetesque tapeworm, not an easy brief, but Pierre delivered a pitch perfect performance that brought Benny the tapeworm to life and with it personality and tone that Benny was lacking. Benny is alive with a ton of character!!! thanks to Pierre.

-Nicola Gilbert, Deputy MD, Grand Central Recording Studios

I have been working with Pierre for the best part of two decades. I adore Monsieur Maubauche. Not only is an incredibly talented voiceover but he is an absolute joy to work with. He is accomodating, versatile and offers good advice on translations, scripts and direction where required. I can't recommend him highly enough. Book him, book him now.

French Commercial Demo

French Character Demo

English/French Accent Demo

French Corporate Demo

French Commercial Demo

English Commercial Demo

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